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How to Budget for SRP

The budget for the Shared Reading Project depends on the number of families you will serve, the cost for the tutoring, and other possible costs. Often, sites will use this budget, but then adjust it depending on the amount of money available.

Sample Budget Sheet

This is an example of a first-year budget established for 25 families for 20 weeks of tutoring.

Description Item Cost Total Cost
480 English Version Family Book Bags complete with activity sheets, books and carry-bag (120 titles x 4 copies of each)

[$1,600.00 plus shipping costs of $95.00 per set.]

$1,600 per 120 titles $1,695
2 hours per week for 20 weeks at $20 per hour multiplied by 25 families
$800 per family $20,000
TV/DVD Combination Portable Systems (minimum of 1 for site coordinator, 2 or 3 additional for loaning to families) $250 $1,000
Reading to Deaf Children Video and Manual for tutors and families (25 tutors and 25 families equal 50 copies) $10.95 per copy $547.50
Kick-Off Workshop Celebration $500 $500
¼ to ½ Coordinator Salary $20,000 $20,000
Interpreters and Translators Costs based on $30 per hour and a total of 25 hours $30 per hour $750
Sub Total
Replacement Costs for Damaged DVDs and Books 1% of total costs $445.00
Program Evaluation 15% of total project costs $7,456
Total Projected Costs*

*Tutor travel reimbursements, administration support, computer and office supplies, and printed materials used for recruiting and advertising of project are not included in the pricing. Translations of books and activity guides in Spanish are available for free from the Clerc Center.

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How to Obtain Money for the Shared Reading Project

Most Shared Reading Project sites obtain money through grants. Besides this, community service organizations, such as the Lion’s Club, also may be of help. During the five-day training session, The Shared Reading Project: Keys to Success—Training for Site Coordinators, Clerc Center presentations and site coordinators discuss various places to obtain money for setting up the Shared Reading Project.

A Few Places to Get Started:


Grant Writing for Dummies by Bev Browning (2001). New York, NY: Hungry Minds, Inc.

I’ll Grant You That: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Funds, Designing Winning Projects, and Writing Powerful Grant Proposals by Jim Burke and Carol Ann Prater. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. (Grades K-12 plus a CD Rom)

On-Line Resources


Evaluation and Grant Resources

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Models

Innovation Network

Here are a few places to start looking for grant funds:

US Department of Education

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)

Harvard Family Research Project

The Foundation Center

Also, for more information on grant making strategies, try: