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Gallaudet Univeristy
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Parents and Caregivers Comments

"Thank you so much for the experience. We learned how to read stories together and make them fun & interesting."

"Our daughter really benefited from from the program. In fact our whole family did. Our tutor did a wonderful job."

"I want to thank you for allowing our family to participate in the Shared Reading Program. Our tutor taught us many things and we enjoy his company. We look forward to participating in the fall and hope and pray our family signing skills continue to develop."

"Our Tutor really helped us out with the story. I don't feel awkward at all signing in front of the tutor. I am usually shy because my signing is slow and not very advanced. My husband also feels at ease."

"Generally, I notice that our daughter is more interested in reading overall. She wants to know what words mean, etc."

"My daughter's patience is improving a great deal. Our tutor helped encourage her to stay with the story. The tutor also helped me with vocabulary a great deal."

"My daughter has made a lot of progress through the program. She is more interested in what the words say--not just the pictures. The tutor has helped me expand on the story as well."

"We really like our tutor and the program. I wish it could last longer."

"Our tutor arrived and our son chose the book "I Went Walking." It is a beginner book. The tutor had me read the book to our son and gave me a good advice-slow down, point to letters and pictures, make sure I sit so I have good eye contact with my son. The book was easy for me to sign and I learned a few new signs. It was a bit more difficult for my husband as he is a beginner signer. I was very encouraged by his determination to sign the book."

"My son wants to read the book "Me Too!" by Mercer Mayer. We both like this book. There are only a few signs (skateboard, sled, hold up) that I don't know. My son is paying better attention to me when I read to him."

"We thoroughly enjoy our tutor's visits. We enjoy conversation and sharing our family time with him. Our children enjoy his presence and feel comfortable signing and playing with him."

"Our son really enjoyed the "School Bus Book." It was also great for our 5 year old because he is learning to read and was able to practice his reading and signing skills. We all enjoyed watching the boys share this book."