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Shared Reading Project Model

Shared Reading Project Shared Reading Project Model


Need for Project

Resources Needed

SRP Activities Expected Outcomes
Many parents do not know how to share books with their young deaf and hard of hearing children

. Research on 15 booksharing
. SRP materials
. Laurent Clerc Center support
. Site coordinator(s)
. Administrative support
. Tutors
. Site coordinator training

. Family recruitment and orientation

. Tutor recruitment

. Tutor-family matching

. In-home tutoring

. Tutor supervision
Short term:

. Parents read more to their child

. Families enjoy sharing books together

. Parent's communication with child improves

. Child shows increased interest in sharing books

Long term:

. Children attain higher levels of reading achievement

. Children attain higher levels of academic achievement

Target Population

Parents and caregivers of deaf and hard of hearing children who are traditionally underserved

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Project Environment
. Type of school program or non-profit organization
. Characteristics and involvement of Deaf community
. Geographic area served
. Networking relationships with other programs or agencies