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Additional Products and Publications

The Clerc Center offers several publications available for downloading. This page lists each publication, categorized by type, and provides links to the web page or the PDF file of the publication.

Sharing Ideas

The “Sharing Ideas” series comprises working or occasional papers of interest to parents and professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Works in the series are often prepared for a specific ‘occasion’ and include papers, presentations, or final reports that address a need in the field or contribute to the growing body of knowledge about educating deaf and hard of hearing children. The intent of the series is to act as a clearinghouse for sharing information from a number of sources.

Sharing Results

The "Sharing Results" series comprises occasional papers that describe the results of work undertaken by the Clerc Center. This series includes three kinds of papers:
  1. Descriptions of critical needs and the processes used to identify those needs
  2. Descriptions of the results of collaborations between the Clerc Center and other schools and programs to develop and implement innovative approaches to some of the persistent challenges of these areas
  3. Extensive descriptions of the evaluation of selected innovations to provide information to help program planners determine whether an innovation would be appropriate for their program

KidsWorld Deaf Net

These documents were developed as part of KidsWorld Deaf Net (KWDN), a national communication network sponsored by the Clerc Center at Gallaudet University with support from the AT&T Foundation.