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Technical Assistance and Consultation

Cochlear Implant Education Center- Professional Training Opportunities

The staff of the Cochlear Implant Education Center (CIEC) is available to:

  • Provide a presentation on "Spoken Language and Sign: Optimizing Learning for Children with Cochlear Implants," which includes topics related to considerations for designing and implementing effective educational practices for the diverse population of children obtaining cochlear implants. The presentation can be provided live or via video teleconference. Directed towards professionals working with early childhood- through early elementary-aged children, this presentation can be adapted for professionals who work with children with cochlear implants in educational settings, graduate training programs, and agencies or organizations. Presentation length can be adapted to meet the needs of the requesting program.
  • Provide consultations to individual educational programs who are seeking guidance and feedback in developing and implementing early childhood educational programs inclusive of both sign language and spoken language for children with cochlear implants. Consultations can be designed in collaboration with CIEC staff to meet the needs of individual programs.

Presentations and consultations are planned annually on a first-come first-served basis. Requesting programs must cover all travel expenses for the CIEC trainers. Availability of training/ consultation opportunities must be confirmed with the CIEC coordinator.