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Gallaudet Univeristy
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Literacy and Language Development Workshops

Literacy—It All Connects (Available On-Line)

This workshop is an overview of the nine areas of literacy. The Clerc Center has developed a literacy program based on nine strategies for encouraging the development of reading and writing skills of deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool through high school. This workshop introduces the concept of each of the nine areas:

  1. Reading to Students
  2. Dialogue Journals
  3. Shared Reading and Writing
  4. Writer's Workshop
  5. Independent Reading
  6. Journals and Logs
  7. Guided Reading and Writing
  8. Language Experience
  9. Research Reading and Writing

Presentations use examples from real classrooms and teachers. Participants come away with a general understanding of the nine areas and their importance in supporting students' literacy development.


Reading to Deaf Children: Learning from Deaf Adults
For Parents, Caregivers, and Educators
(3 or 6 hours)

Based on the Reading to Deaf Children: Learning from Deaf Adults manual and DVD, this workshop teaches the effective book-sharing techniques known as "the 15 Principles for Reading to Deaf Children." These principles were developed based on research studying effective communication strategies deaf adults use when reading to deaf and hard of hearing children.

The workshop focuses on key concerns:

  • Why is reading important?
  • How do I use sign language to share stories?
  • What if I don't know all the signs related to a story?
  • How do I keep American Sign Language (ASL) and English visible while reading?
  • How do I arrange the placement of the child and the book?

Participants learn to recognize and apply the 15 principles for reading to deaf and hard of hearing children. They practice these principles and gain new skills that they can use with their own children or with the children they teach.


Sharing Books Using ASL and Deaf Cultural Literacy Practices: Preschool-Grade Eight
For Teachers, Librarians, Aides, Day Care Providers, Interpreters, Future Teachers, and Parents
(One- or two-day workshop)

This workshop focuses on how to share books using ASL and deaf cultural literacy practices with young deaf and hard of hearing students.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Share books as a visual and spatial experience
  • Translate English text into ASL in comprehensible ways
  • Scaffold children's learning during book sharing
  • Make connections between ASL and English within this context

Each literacy practice will be introduced and demonstrated, followed by opportunities for collaborative, guided practice using excerpts from various children's books. Additional topics will include selecting appropriate books and materials, elements of ASL, and topics based on the students' needs and interests.