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Kendall Team Finishes Sixth at National Math Competition

math competition

Testing their math skills against their peers from throughout the nation, five Kendall students participated in the annual national MathCounts math competition for students with hearing loss and finished in sixth place overall. They were the first team to ever represent Kendall in the competition, which took place April 4 in Rochester, New York.

Despite competing against teams and students who have been annual participants for several years, the five Kendall students did an outstanding job. Each one finished in the top half of the individual standings. Representing Kendall were Diego Trejo, Edward Berke, Jade DeLaO, Amberlin Hines, and Ashley Payne. Team coaches were Kendall math teachers Sandy Paradis and Dwight Alston.

The competition consists of a 40-minute sprint round, a 30-minute target round, and a 20-minute team round.  In the sprint round, individuals solve 30 problems. Teams divide into four pairs to solve eight problems posed in the target round. The team round consists of ten problems that teams work together to solve. The problems are the exact same questions posed to hearing students in the MathCounts competition.  They require pre-algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 skills, all of which Kendall students are currently learning.

"My favorite part of the competition was the sprint round," said Amberlin Hines, who finished 19th in the nation at the contest.  "I enjoyed the competitiveness and speed with which we had to answer the questions in that round."

Jade DeLaO enjoyed the competition because math is her favorite class.  Jade explained, "Math is my favorite subject and I enjoyed testing my skills against my peers from around the country. I know we did very well as a team, and we were well prepared for the competition."

Participating in the contest benefitted the Kendall participants in other ways as well.  This was Ashley's first time flying on a plane since a trip when she was two years old, which she doesn't remember.  "I was nervous about flying," says Ashley. "But my teammates helped me relax and made it fun, like it was a roller coaster.  We all raised our hands in the air at take-off and were laughing.  I loved flying, and can't wait for my next flight." Edward got to see his older brother who is currently attending college in Rochester.

In addition, all five participants said they made a lot of new friends among their fellow competitors. Diego said, "It was a great learning experience and tremendous fun.  I am already looking forward to participating in next year's competition, and I am excited about learning new things in math class!"