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KDES Participates in Red Ribbon Week

Kids planting
Kid seeding
Kids recycling paper and teacher watching

This year's Red Ribbon Week was a success. The entire school participated in fun awareness activities related to making healthy life choices; pledging to avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol; and earning respect instead of bullying.  The events opened with a kickoff ceremony that included performances by KDES movement arts classes and the National Deaf Dance Academy. At the end of the ceremony, students signed a pledge after shaking hands with a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer.

Clerc Center social worker Georgia Weaver worked with teachers to organize fun and age-appropriate activities for students in each grade with the goal of helping them learn how to make healthy choices. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes discussed why smoking is bad. Each child received a ribbon for standing up and pledging not to smoke. Students also painted pots and planted tulip bulbs outside to signify their respect for life and for each other.

First and second graders decided which items of food, medicine, and candy to place the "good for you" and "bad for you" baskets. They also planted tulip bulbs outside, pledged not to smoke, drink, or take drugs, and explained why they made that promise.

Students in the third through eighth grades participated in two new activities during this year's event. To give them an idea of how drugs can affect the mind, Weaver had students try to unwrap a Hershey's kiss without gloves on, and then with gloves on. The students were surprised and frustrated by how the gloves limited their fine motor coordination- and understood the comparison to a mind being blocked from thinking clearly by drugs. The other activity was a scavenger hunt with clues that led them to different people who asked them questions about drugs and bullying. The students signed certificates promising to remain drug and alcohol free.

To finish off the week, everything the students had learned and promised was posted on a huge bulletin board. Stop by and see it in the KDES lobby!