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KDES Students Star in USDA Food Safety Camp Video

Image: KDES student Faith Hutson shares a hug with Thermy

The giant-sized United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety Discovery Zone mobile truck arrived at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) on October 27 to demonstrate food handling safety techniques that send germs packing! During the food safety camp, a USDA production team filmed the KDES students engaging in various activities. The USDA YouTube video is now available for viewing.

The camp’s Be Food Safe campaign focuses on four easy lessons for proper food handling:

  1. Clean—Wash hands and surfaces often.
  2. Separate—Don't cross-contaminate. Keep raw meat and poultry apart from cooked foods.
  3. Cook—Use a food thermometer to be sure meat and poultry are safely cooked.
  4. Chill—Refrigerate or freeze promptly.

During the camp, KDES students participated in a variety of hands-on demonstrations, guessing games, and storytelling. In the Food Safety Discovery Zone model kitchen, USDA guides showed short cartoon videos and gave hands-on demonstrations. Students especially liked exploring the kitchen, where under glowing purple “black light” they could “see” germs that are normally invisible to the eye. Germs were everywhere on the walls and counter surfaces. With some magic dusting powder, students could even see germs on their own hands!

If you have questions about safe food handling, you can contact the USDA on-line food safety expert, Ask Karen. Karen is the USDA's virtual representative that is available to answer food safety questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week in English and Spanish.

For information in English, visit AskKaren.gov. For information in Spanish, visit Preguntele Karen.

USDA website