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KDES Students Take On Challenge at the NTID Math Competition



The Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) team headed up to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York to take part in a math competition from April 9-11. The Kendall team members were Emmanuel Njoku, Wendy Brehm, Kerie Scurry-Burns, Mary Ann Gardner, and Dax Courtright, accompanied by KDES teacher Charity Warn and parent volunteer Philip Njoku. KDES placed fifth amongst the19 teams who participated. Each team competed in a series of rounds to solve math word problems.

Two of the KDES students described their experience:

Wendy Brehm

"We woke up nervous on Saturday, April 10, because we would be participating in the math competition in only a few hours. The Sprint Round, which was the first round, was difficult and very stressful for me. I thought that I would get a really low score on that round, but I calmed down, and felt like I did much better in the second and third rounds. We had a lunch break, and then went back into the competition room to find out who would be participating in the Countdown Round. The Countdown Round was based on the top ten students, out of 59, who got the highest scores. Emmanuel [KDES team member] and I were two of the ten kids selected. Emmanuel and I looked at the list of who we would be competing against, and sure enough, it was each other. We really didn't want to compete against each other, but we knew that it would be fine, whoever won, since we were helping our team either way. Emmanuel pressed the buzzer on the last question before I did, and got it right, so he won. At first, I was upset, but then I remembered that since he was going into the next level of the round, he was helping us as a team. Overall, it was an excellent experience on Saturday. After the competition, we went to a funhouse, and had a blast with the other schools' students."

Mary Ann Gardner

Hello, everybody. My name is Mary Ann Gardner. I'm an eighth grade student from Kendall School. I'm writing about my experience in the NTID math competition. When I went to the math competition, I met students from other schools and made friends from the other states.  During the competition itself, I was so nervous but I kept telling myself to just do it for once in my life. And I did it great. I totally loved it there! We came in 5th overall. We were proud of ourselves.

The MATHCOUNTS organization provided all of the competition problems and materials for the math competition.  MATHCOUNTS is a national math competition for middle school students so all of the math problems are at the national standard level for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

More information about the annual NTID math competition.