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Kendall Parent Teacher Association launches Facebook page


The Kendall Parent Teacher Association (KPTA) has joined the social media world with the launch of its Facebook page, called Kendall PTA this October. Now families have a new way to keep up to date on KPTA activities and network with each other. The Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) families can follow news about KPTA-sponsored workshops, social activities, and fundraisers. "The nice thing about the new Facebook page is that families are able to see pictures of various KPTA events and get updates about KPTA workshops and events. Visitors to the page can have access to various articles of interest and about community events, and members of the group can post their comments in reply to the articles," said Roberta Mather, co-administrator of the Kendall PTA. "So, it has become a tool of ‘engaging' with the school community."

The Kendall PTA is also serving as a parent-to-parent network. A member of the KPTA who has joined the Facebook page can post a question and get an answer in less than 24 hours. Other parents, who may have the same question, also benefit by being about to access and read both the question and reply. The site also provides links to resources for families. For example, the Kendall PTA includes announcements from the organization, Capitol Hill Children of Deaf Parents, which includes information about local events and a link to a website for further information.

"One of the advantages of the Kendall PTA is that it allows for a community interaction regardless of where the parents and teachers are," said Mather. "Many of us lead busy lives and rarely have time for face-to-face interaction, and this fills the gap. Parents, faculty, and teachers can have access to the same information and hear from one another about their views and thoughts about school-related events. There is a great sense of community."

The KPTA's goal for this year is to increase the number of posts on the site to at least three to four per week. They want to expand the group's membership so that anyone who is a part of the KDES community has access to the page.

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