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Mission Accomplished: MSSD Students Try Out Life as an Astronaut


Five Model Secondary School for the Deaf (MSSD) students and their science teacher, Mark Tao, experienced the life and training of astronauts at the Space Camp held at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Alabama from May 2-7. The students representing MSSD were Hazel Fajardo, Margaret Hangstorfer, Mohamed Kamara, Amanda Roberts, and Yazmin Palmer. "There were a total of 49 students and 16 staff from schools and programs for the deaf all over the U.S. and Washington, D.C., and even New Zealand. There were also groups of hearing students," said Tao.

Each day the students engaged in training exercises related to balance, endurance, survival training, and orientation exercises in conditions similar to what the astronauts undertake. One of the exercises involved wearing scuba equipment while working underwater in a Neutral Buoyancy Simulation Tank that simulated the conditions of zero gravity in space." I cannot believe that I was able to work under water with my teammates," said Mohamed Kamara. Other activities included confidence building activities such as climbing giant poles and hanging from wires suspended high in the air, and walking in a space suit. The teams had opportunities to make and launch rockets, learn about space flight history, try out a flight simulator for takeoff and landing, and practice monitoring a flight.

The Space Camp experience gave the students an opportunity to build friendships with people who share their fascination with the world of space shuttles and space exploration. "On the last day of space camp, I felt like I already missed my new friends and the camp staff. I really learned a lot about space flight and participated in awesome activities with others deaf campers all over the nation." said Amanda Roberts.

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