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MSSD and Kendall Honor Student Athletes

There were a lot of athletic accomplishments to be proud of this year at MSSD and KDES.  The MSSD football team won their conference championship, the girl's basketball team won the Clerc Classic and was named the nation's top deaf high school girls' basketball team, and the Kendall girls middle school basketball team won the sixth annual tri-state basketball tournament in New Jersey. Also, several athletes were named All-American, including MSSD basketball player Zamica Gage, who was named player of the year.

To celebrate, all MSSD and Kendall students, parents, teachers, and staff had a year end cook-out and  awards ceremony on May 28.

Former MSSD All-American wrestler Jeff White was the guest speaker and he inspired the students telling them stories of his days as an MSSD student in the mid 1980's.  White told the students that without MSSD, he wouldn't be the success he is today.  White was a three time Deaf All-American wrestler at MSSD, and went on to wrestle at Gallaudet.  White also wrestled in three Deaflympic Games, and coached in two others. He is currently a middle school teacher.

White told the students there are four things that are important to making a good student-athlete. "You need school, motivation, sportsmanship, and dedication. If you have all four of these, you will be a successful student-athlete." Coincidentally, White told the students the first four letters of each of those words spell out MSSD.

White also told the students he was amazed at the progress the MSSD Athletic Department has made under the leadership of Athletic Director Mark Burke.  "So many of your athletic teams played very well this year. As defensive coordinator of the Maryland School for the Deaf football team, I had a hard time preparing for the MSSD offense because you were so good and had so many weapons."

The most coveted team award this year was  highest overall grade point average. The award was given to the to winter cheerleading team.  Sean Harden was named male athlete of the year.  Tiffany Narcisco was named female athlete of the year. 

Other award winners from MSSD include:


Sean Harden               Coaches Award

Anthony Palmer        Offensive Impact Player

Joshua Sandoval        Defensive Impact Player

Fall Cheerleading:

Sharice Baker              Rookie Award

Isabella Kogan             Outstanding Leadership

Varsity Volleyball:

Johanna Arrigo          Coaches Award

Jennifer Marfino         Most Improve Player

Tiffany Narcisco         Most Outstanding Player

JV Volleyball:

Ivory Gibbs                  Most Improved Player

Kaori Vazquez             Most Spirited Player

Boys Varsity Basketball:

Sean Harden               Sportsmanship Award

Kenneth Montanez    Most Inspired Player

Boys JV Basketball:

Timothy Bernardo     Most Improved Player

Michael Stamper        Most Improved Player

Girls Varsity Basketball:

Johanna Arrigo           Lady Eagle Award

Zamica Gage                 Play Maker Award

Eboni Love-Peel            110% Award

Girls JV Basketball:

Jennifer Kittredge       110% Award

Malikah Spivey            Best Defender Award


Albert Blake                   Rookie Award

Thomas Francis            Coaches Award

Eric Klockowski             Most Outstanding Wrestler

Winter Cheerleading:

Jessica Schwabe           Best All Around Cheerleader

Sara Selzer                     Best All Around Cheerleader


Sean Harden                  Most Valuable Player

Eric Klockowski             Most Improved Player

Kenneth Montanez       FOCUS Award


Johanna Arrigo             Most Valuable Player

Renee Glanville             Most Improved Player

Tiffany Narciso              Coaches Award

Girls Track & Field:

Diane Hillaird                Most Improved Trackster

Lucy Jackson                  Most Dedicated Trackster

Natacha Pericles          Most Valuable Trackster

Boys Track & Field:

Miracle Amasiatu            Most Dedicated Trackster

Chrsitopher Anderson    Most Improved Trackster

Joshua Sandoval             Most Valuable Trackster

Model End of Year Awards:

Albert Blake                      Rookie of the Year

Jennifer Marfino             Unsung Hero

Nancy Walla                     Fan of the Year

Sean Harden                     Golden Eagle Award

Winter Cheerleading     Highest Team GPA