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2014 Issue

The 2014 issue of Odyssey is 96 pages--the longest produced in the history of the publication. "High Expectations for All" is the theme which unifies the 20 articles from 34 authors representing a broad spectrum of perspectives on the lives of deaf and hard of hearing children. 

High Expectations for All: Their Importance and Influence - 2014 Issue (Volume 15) 
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Five New Articles on Odyssey Extra 2014 available here.

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Individual Article PDFs Coming Soon!

Letter from the Vice President
By Edward Bosso

An Educator's Perspective: Five "E's" to Success with Common Core Standards
By Christy M. Neria

Teachers, Parents, and--Above All--Students "Buy In" to Raise Expectations
By Christopher Hayes

The Power of Expectations: Two Stories
By Laurene E. Simms

High Expectations + Reading Intervention Plan = Big Jump in Students' Reading Scores
By Greta Palmberg and Kendra Rask

Raising Courtney Just Like Her Sisters: Forging High Expectations
By Amie A. Stelmack

How Can We Motivate Struggling Latino Adolescents to Read?
By Melissa Herzig

Expecting the Best: The Essential Lesson for Teachers
By Carl B. Williams

Expectations Lead to Performance: The Transformative Power of High Expectations in Preschool
By Ye Wang, Karen S. Engler, and Tara L. Oetting

A Co-Teaching Model: Committed Professionals, High Expectations, and the Inclusive Classroom
By Karen Wise Lindeman and Kathleen Magiera

High Expectations Require Supporting New Teachers, Educating the School Community
By Heidi MacLaughlin and Donna M. Mertens

Establishing and Maintaining High Expectations for Deaf/Blind Students Using a Team Approach
By Kimberly Mockler

On the Home Front: High Expectations Means Never Say "Never"
By Felicia Johnson

Using Data to Ensure High Standards--And Standards to Ensure High Expectations
By Susan Lane-Outlaw, Cheryl Lange, and Dyan Sherwood

Parenting with High Expectations
By Benna Hull Timberlake and Genelle Timperlake Sanders

Maintaining High Expectations
By Roger Williams and Sherry Williams

Reading for Real: Our Year with Reading Buddies
By Patricia Ross

Reflections on Expectations
By Joseph Santini

The Law and the IEP: Establishing and Maintaining High Expectations for Deaf Students with Disabilities
By Michael Fitzpatrick and Raschelle Theoharis

Meeting High Expectations: Healthy Thinking, Resiliency, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
By Lisalee D. Egbert, Todd LaMarr, Tami Hossler, Carrie Davenport, and Jodee Crace

Academic Rigor
By James E. Tucker

The Back Page: Hard Work, Perseverance, and a Belief in Oneself Impact Achievement 
By Claudia Gordon