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Guidelines for Authors

Odyssey is read by families and professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Articles should be easily read by all audiences and not written in an overly technical style.

Submissions should:

  • Describe effective teaching techniques and strategies, learning activities, and innovative projects for classrooms, residential and main stream programs, and families; research, information, and personal experiences that relate to current issues in education, deafness, and raising deaf children.
  • Be written in a practical, conversational style.
  • Be less than 2,000 words in length.

We are now accepting submissions for the next issue of Odyssey. Read about the theme for the next issue here.  

Submission Guidelines

  • E-mail submissions in Microsoft Word format to odyssey@gallaudet.edu. Include author contact information (phone, videophone, fax, e-mail, and mailing address).
  • Include names of all authors with complete titles.
  • List references APA style in a bibliography when other publications are cited. Ensure complete references are at the end of the article, if applicable.
  • Do not enable the tracking feature.
  • Text should be aligned left (no centered or formatted styles. Bbullets and hard returns are fine).
  • The font should be 12-point Times New Roman.
  • Use a single space after punctuation marks (including periods), not double spaces.
  • Include professional biographical information for each author, as well as an e-mail address the authors welcome reader questions and comments about the article.
  • Whenever possible, include digital photographs. Include photo credits and identification of subjects. Include copy of permission statement signed by subjects or subjects' parents (if under age 18).
  • For questions about editorial standards, refer to the Gallaudet University Editorial Standards and Guidelines.

Style Guidelines

  • Illustrate major ideas with examples and anecdotes.
    (Note: anecdotes humanize a story and are therefore important)
  • Write in a natural, conversational style, without jargon.
  • Use the active voice wherever possible; avoid passive voice.
  • Avoid generalizations and cite specific information.
  • Present information in logical sequence. Subheads may be helpful for organizing information within topic area.
  • Check all facts, details, and citations; make sure that they are current and accurate.
  • Do not use repeatedly either "he" or "she." Please try to write around this quirk of the English language, where gender must be selected in the singular use of personal pronoun.

Acceptance is subject to editorial review. Manuscripts are edited for clarity and to conform to the magazine's style and space requirements. All edited manuscripts are returned to authors for approval or further changes before publication. Gallaudet University's Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center holds the copyright on all published submissions.

Thank you for your interest in writing for Odyssey magazine.