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Spring/Summer 2009 (Vol. 10, Iss. 1)

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In this issue:

  • Letter from the Dean


  • Partnering: Parents and Teachers Design A Plan for Student Success
    By Joan Forney
  • Miscues: Meaningful Assessment Aids Instruction
    By Pamela Luft
  • Bilingual Students Publish Works in ASL and English
    By Petra M. Horn-Marsh and Kester L. Horn-Marsh
  • Literacy in a Bag: Colorado School for the Deaf Sends Reading Home
    By Deborah Branch
  • For Information and Fellowship, Deaf Club Eases Isolation
    By Karen Lindeman
  • Hands Working Together for Behavioral and Academic Success
    By Cheri Sinnott
  • Transition Program Pays Off" Opwa Students Learn to Search for, Find, and Keep Jobs
    By Cynthia Angeroth
  • Technology-And Colorado Early Education Staff-Helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children with Disabilities
    By Dee Shuler-Woodard

News from the Clerc Center

  • Seeking Submissions for Next Issue of Odyssey
  • Optimist Club Contest Builds Self-Esteem and Literacy Skills
  • On-line Webzine for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teens Welcomes Contributors
  • MSSD Dance Concert Brings Together Deaf and Hearing Dance Communities for "Jive Afrique."
  • Clerc Center Athletic Director Mark Burke Receives Multiple Honors

In every issue

  • Upcoming Conferences and Training