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Spring 2000 (Vol. 1, Iss. 2)


Download the complete issue (4884 kb)

In this issue:

  • ESL Students-Each an Individual (304 kb)
    By Maribel Garate

ESL Literacy: 9 Piece Program

  • Reading to Children...Guided Reading and Writing... (376 kb)
    By Maribel Garate
  • Dialogue Journals...For Students...And Parents (303)
    By David R. Schleper
  • Research, Reading, and Writing (281)
    By John Gibson
  • Language Experience (489 kb)
    By Francisca Rangel
  • Writers' Workshop (296 kb)
    By David R. Schleper
  • A Welcome Without Words Communicating with New ESL Students (74 kb)
    By Cathryn Carroll
  • A Deaf Adult Remembers Coming to America (112 kb)
  • Assessing the ESL Student (187 kb)
    By Maribel Garate

Perspectives Around the Country

  • Students Explore Other Countries Through Masks (472 kb)
    By Laura Kowalik
  • Letting Calvin and Hobbes Teach English (135 kb)
    By Chad E. Smith
  • Some Assembly Required--Deaf Students Pitch in to Build New Shelter (378 kb)
    By Susan M. Flanigan

News (460 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • MSSD Students Explore Job Mentoring at the White House
  • Clerc Center to Train Teachers in Technology
  • Students, Teacher Enjoy Acting Workshop
  • Many Hands, One Community: Student Crafts Winning Poster
  • It's Official! Clerc Center Celebrates Name Change
  • Signs of Literacy
  • F L A S H ! Literacy Program Works


  • Calendar (and) Soft Chuckle-Held Up For Literacy (51 kb)
    By Susan M. Flanigan
  • REVIEW: Intriguing and Informative: Whole Language for Second Language Learners (83 kb)
    By Luanne Ward
  • REVIEW: From Australia to Zimbabwe: A Look at Deaf Education Around the World (89 KB)
    By Pat Johanson
  • Q & A: ESL-What? For Whom? How? (and) Recommended for Every ESL Shelf (106 kb)
  • A Letter From the Vice President (59 kb)