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Summer 2000 (Vol. 1, Iss. 3)


Download the complete issue (2,195 kb)

In this issue:


  • Literacy-an Overview (45 kb)
    By Jane K. Fernandes
  • Reading to Children (151 kb)
    By Dennis Berrigan and Sharon Berrigan
  • Fingerspelling-for Literacy (40 kb)
    By David R. Schleper
  • Shared, Reading, and Writing (76 kb)
    By Cynthia Lomax and Angela McCaskill
  • Language Experience (238 kb)
    By Laura Lynn Helms and David R. Schleper
  • Dialogue Journals (83 kb)
    By David R. Schleper
  • Guided Reading and Writing (123 kb)
    By Lillian Buffalo Tompkins
  • Writers' Workshop (206 kb)
    By Bonnie Neeley
  • Writers' Workshop Software (81 kb)
    By Joyce Barrett and Rosemary Stifter
  • Other Journals and Logs (136 kb)
    By David R. Schleper
  • Research, Reading, and Writing (84 kb)
    By Frank Turk
  • Researching Underwater Life, Painting Fish, and Trying Something New (94 kb)
    By Tenzin Chopak
  • Independent Reading (62 kb)
    By Donna Venturini

Perspectives Around the Country

  • Literacy and Learning (66 kb)
    By Barbara C. Brinks
  • Tapping into the Computer Age (89 kb)
    By Cara Senterfeit and Erik Drasgow
  • Deaf Children in Rural Areas (206 kb)
    By Nancy Hatfield
  • Involving Families (137 kb)
    By Randall Gentry and Margaret Hallau

News (234 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • KDES Recycled Art Creations:
  • Featured in Gateway's Annual Report
  • Gallaudet to Host Convention for the American Society for Deaf Children
  • T-errific
  • Formal Party Aids Learning
  • Hewlett-Packard Donates Equipment for Science Programs
  • Software to Go: Clearinghouse Now On-line
  • Clerc Center Hosts National Training for the Shared Reading Project
  • MSSD Students Sweep National Academic Competition

Review (154 kb)

  • To Be or Not to Be- Monolingual or Bilingual
    By Jean F. Andrews
  • Language Across the Curriculum Omits Questions in the Closet
    By Jean F. Andrews


  • Calendar (51 kb)
  • BRIGHT IDEA: Mom's Notes Lead to Child's Literacy (70 kb)