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Winter 2002 (vol. 3, iss. 1)


Download the complete issue (6377 kb)

In this issue:

  • A Letter From the Dean (181 kb)


  • Creating Family Partnerships - Recommendations from the National Forum (872 kb)
    By Margaret Hallau
  • Families Count (280 kb)
  • Accelerated Reading - Students Advance Skills (470 kb)
  • Imagine A Captioned Library - You Have It! (279 kb)
  • Meet The Clerc Center Advisory Board (234 Kb)


  • Defining the Journey Storytelling (277 kb)
    By Bob Rittenhouse, Melissa Jenkins, and Jess Dancer
  • Parent/Teacher Communication Logs and Videos (412 kb)
    By Henry E. Teller, Jr. and John R. Muma

News (986 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • School Placement and Deaf Children Two New Papers
  • New Book Bags
  • MSSD Student on Presidential Task Force
  • On the Road...with Deaf History
  • Clerc "Classic" MSSD Earns Top Awards
  • Web Sites for Families

Reviews (203 kb)

  • Deaf Heroes! Now in Children's Books
    By Cynthia Sadoski
  • Learning at Home: Reading with Children
    By Rosalinda Ricasa

In every issue...

  • Training Opportunities (215 Kb)
  • Calendar (171 kb)