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Fall 2002 (vol. 4, iss. 1)


Download the complete issue (3.47 mb)

In this issue:

  • A Letter From the Dean (80 kb)


  • Bringing Technology to English Class (315 kb)
    By Kathleen M. Wood
  • Smoothing Out Transition (213 kb)
  • Adapt Teaching to the World of Work
    By Leslie Rach
  • Literacy Skills on the Job (174 kb)
  • Reading and Writing in the Workplace
    By Leslie Rach
  • At the Library of Congress (182 kb)
  • Deaf Students Get an Assist from Deaf Mentors
    By Eric Eldritch
  • SSR? Dear? Dirt? (295 kb)
  • Independent Reading is for Everyone
    By David R. Schleper

Perspectives around the country

  • Literacy: Empowerment for Deaf Students (131 kb)
  • A Teacher's Personal Testimony
    By Beth Ann Dobson
  • SOAR-High: A Web-Based Science Program (453 kb)
    By Charles R. Barman, Jamie D. Stockton, Mary Ellsworth,
    Chris Gonzales, Teresa Huckleberry, and Sarah Raymond
  • Electronic Schedulers (344 kb)
    for Resource Room and Itinerant Teachers
    By Thomas N. Kluwin, Christina Lougen, and NiYa Costley

News (417 kb)
includes stories on the following:

  • Dean Buys Art for Clerc Center
  • MSSD Alum Cheers for the Miami Dolphins
  • New Deaf History Educational Materials
  • Clerc Center Announces Gallaudet's 2003 National Essay Contest
  • Clerc Center Grad on TV!
  • MSSD Students Wow Scientists at American Geophysical Union
  • MSSD Parents Award Scholarship

Reviews (546 kb)

  • Text a Benefit for Deaf-Blind Students
    By Cynthia Ingraham
  • Ready! Set! Sign!! - A Helpful CD
    By Rosemary Stifter


  • Independent Reading Book Response Choices (97 Kb)
  • Training Opportunities (134 Kb)
  • Calendar (94 kb)