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Fall/Winter 2006 (Vol. 7, Iss. 1)


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In this issue:

  • Letter from the Dean
  • Shared Reading—A History Changing Lives One Family at a Time
  • Principles for Reading to Deaf Children
    By David R. Schleper

Perspectives Around the Country

  • ...In Washington, D.C.—Every Family Wants To Communicate
    By Brenda Perrodin
  • ...In Massachusetts—Sharing Books, Food, Saturdays-Trilingually
    By Kathleen Vesey
  • ...In Virginia—A Father, a Daughter, and a Deepened Communication
    By Kris daCosta-Warshauer
  • ...In Kentucky—Smoothing the Bumpy Road
    By Cynthia A. Jones
  • ...In Michigan—Bringing Confidence, Friends, And Mentors
    By Bonnie Miller
  • ...In Colorado—For Living Rooms, Classrooms, And Dorms
    By Deborah Branch
  • ...In Utah—Where Would the Resources Come From?
    By Michelle Tanner
  • ...In California—Moving Onward and Upward!
    By Natalie Williams
  • ...In California—We Need To Do This!
    By Jason Gillespie
  • ...In Washington—Shared Reading Through Live Video Feeds
    By Howard Seago
  • Evaluation—First Year Is Critical
    By Lori Lutz
  • Shared Reading Site—Training for Coordinators
    By Chachie Joseph and David R. Schleper
  • A Language Experience—Community Venture Creates Understanding
    By Karen Gruen and Vereen Ann Nordstrom


  • MSSD Students Contribute to Nation's Knowledge of Ozone
  • First Person: A Time of Small Victories by Alexis Greeves
  • Clerc Students, Teachers Help Hurricane Victims
  • MSSD Offers Open House
  • Teen Magazine Goes Online
  • Gallaudet Announces National Essay and Art Contests
  • Summer Camps, Honors Program
  • Wizards Visit KDES

In each issue

  • Training Opportunities
  • Calendar