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Spring/Summer 2008 (vol. 9, iss. 1)


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In this issue:

  • Letter from the Dean
  • Deafness & Autism


  • Deafness and Autism
    by Diane D. Morton
  • Understanding the Need for Language: an Introduction to the Odyssey Special Issue on Autism and Deafness
    by Annie G. Steinberg
  • When Autism and Deafness Coexist in Children: What We Know Now
    by Christen Szymanski and Patrick J. Brice
  • With Little Research Out There it's A Matter of Learning What Works in Teaching Students with Deafness and Autism
    by Lee Ann Bradley, Brandi Krakowski, and Ann Thiessen
  • Bringing Books to-and Sharing Them with-Children with Autism: Janet's Tips
    by Janet S. Weinstock
  • FIRST PERSON: Selah, a Precious Mosiac: a Mother's Journey through Autism with Her Deaf child
    by Stefanie D. Ellis-Gonzales
  • FIRST PERSON: Brady, Our Firstborn Son, Has Autism
    by Mei Yeh-Kennedy
  • Life After High School for Deaf Youth With Autism
    by Margery Miller and E. Sumie Funayama

Perspectives around the country

  • CORNERSTONES: Literacy Units That Are Ready for Teachers, Students
    by Jennifer Blasko and Sheila Donahue
  • ADAPTED FOR DEAF STUDENTS: "Morning Message" Helps Build Writing Skills
    by Kimberly Wolbers and John Miller
  • TWO-WAY TEXT MESSAGING: Solves Key Socialization Issues for Teens, Parents
    by C. Tane Akamatsu, Connie Mayer, and Shona Farrelly


  • Geology Rocks for Deaf Students Studying California Faults
    by Susan Flanigan
  • Gallaudet Essay, Art, and ASL Contest Draws Record Response to "Yes, I Can" Theme
  • Mr./Miss Deaf Teen America Pageant: Inspiring Teens For a Decade
  • Students to Present Collaborative Research at GLOBE Learning Expedition in South Africa
    by Susan Flanigan
  • "Good Morning America" Showcases KDES and MSSD Dancers to National Audience
  • MSSD Performing Arts Alumni Shine on Stage, Screen

In every issue

  • Upcoming Conferences
  • Calendar