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Congress reauthorized the Education of the Deaf Act (EDA) in the summer of 2008. The reauthorized EDA now requires the Clerc Center to implement major components of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). These components include:

  • Academic content standards
  • Performance standards
  • Annual assessments
  • "Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP)
  • Public reporting of assessment results for KDES and MSSD

The EDA reauthorization is in Title IX, Part A, Section 901 of Public Law 110-315 , the Higher Education Opportunity Act

Read the Text of the Reauthorized EDA

Public Law 110-315

The Clerc Center established two State Selection Committees, one at KDES and one at MSSD, to review the standards, curriculum, and assessments of nine pre-selected states. Their goal was to identify one state's accountability system to adopt and implement at the Clerc Center.

The KDES and MSSD committees met separately to review information available on each state's Department of Education website. After the individual reviews, the KDES and MSSD committees met as one group for a final review of all nine states. They shared the pros and cons of adopting each state's standards and accountability system. This joint committee then ranked the states to identify the top candidates. The top ranked state was Georgia, followed by Ohio and then Maryland.

The Gallaudet University Board of Trustees reviewed the committee's recommendations. Gallaudet University then contacted the states about working with the Clerc Center on its NCLB implementation. Ultimately, Ohio was selected as the ideal partner for the Clerc Center in this work.