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Participants needed for ASL Content Standards, K-12 feedback group


The Clerc Center continues to support the development of American Sign Language (ASL) content standards and benchmarks for grades K-12. The ASL Standards Contract Team of researchers and school professionals has been busy for the last several months preparing the initial draft of the standards and benchmarks, which will be ready in June of this year. This is a preliminary step in the process towards the final draft of the ASL Content Standards which will be ready in 2013. A feedback group of ASL teachers and specialists from around the country will meet July 16-17, 2012 to review the initial draft. The Clerc Center is seeking ASL teachers and specialists to be a part of this important group.

See below for more information on the feedback group and how to apply.

I. Purpose of the Feedback Group
The Clerc Center is seeking both self-nominations and nominations of other individuals who are ASL teachers and/or specialists to participate in a feedback group (8-12 participants) focusing on the initial draft of the ASL Content Standards, K-12. Feedback group participants will review, analyze, and discuss the ASL Content Standards as part of the process to provide feedback to the ASL Standards Contract Team.

II. Characteristics of the Participants
The Clerc Center will convene a diverse group of participants who have experience with K-12 ASL instruction with deaf and hard of hearing students. The Clerc Center seeks participants from a range of educational settings (e.g., residential schools for the deaf, public schools, private schools, charter schools) throughout the United States who:

Have experience teaching within specific grade levels:

  • Elementary school (K-5)
  • Middle school (6-8)
  • High school (9-12)

Are currently serving in a K-12 environment with a minimum of three years of teaching and/or work experience in K-12 settings

Have taught deaf or hard of hearing students on topics related to language arts and language development

Have completed coursework related to ASL linguistics, language development, and ASL literature

Hold a leadership role in ASL instruction, development, curriculum, and/or assessment in a K-12 environment

Are affiliated with any of the following organizations: 

  • Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf
  • American Sign Language Teachers Association
  • American Sign Language Round Table
  • State-level professional organization of teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students (e.g., CAL-ED)
  • Other related organizations

III. Feedback Group Logistics
The feedback group will convene July 16-17, 2012, at the Clerc Center on the campus of Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. Travel, food, lodging, and a small honorarium will be provided for individuals selected to participate.

IV. How to Apply
Interested individuals should send a resume and a brief description of their qualifications (in writing) to ASLFeedbackGroup@gallaudet.edu. Self-nominations and nominations of other individuals are encouraged.

Submission Deadline
The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 27.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact Liz Stone Nirenberg or Janet Weinstock, co-leaders of the ASL Content Standards, K-12 project, via e-mail.

You can also visit ASL Content Standards for additional information about this important national project.