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Thanksgiving with All the Trimmings—So Many Ways to Celebrate

The Clerc Center community sends you warm greetings for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our roving reporter asked a selection of staff and students: 1) What do you love about Thanksgiving?; 2) What are you most thankful for?; and 3) What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Here are their replies:

Marteal Pitts

Marteal Pitts, Coordinator, Marketing and Products

  1. Time for family and faith
  2. Life, good health, and family
  3. My secret three-cheese macaroni and cheese
Ricardo Lopez

Ricardo Lopez, MSSD Librarian

  1. People getting together
  2. Health
  3. Mashed potatoes with apple chunks inside (Puerto Rican food)
Noah Spinosi

Noah Spinosi, KDES third grade

  1. Turkey
  2. Mom and Dad for things I get
  3. Cookies
Alyssa Biega

Alyssa Biega, KDES third grade

  1. No school
  2. Nice shoes, clothes, and school
  3. Potatoes and turkey with gravy
Ethan Ettienne

Ethan Ettienne, KDES eighth grade

  1. Trip to Orlando
  2. Finding a hockey team to join
  3. Ham, turkey, and plantains
Yazmin Palmer

Yazmin Palmer, MSSD ninth grade

  1. Being with family and friends, and enjoying the holiday
  2. Family and friends
  3. Pumpkin pie
Mohamed Kamara

Mohamed Kamara, MSSD tenth grade

  1. Basketball "Thanksgiving" league
  2. Grandmother in Sierra Leone, Africa
  3. Corn

At this time of the year, we pause to remember all for which we are thankful. At the Clerc Center, we would like to extend our appreciation to the educators, professionals, staff, and families who contribute so much towards the success of deaf and hard of hearing students across the country.

Whether you are traveling near or far or just staying at home, the Clerc Center community wishes you, your family, and friends a relaxing and safe holiday.