Amy Sanchez-Juarez

Amy Sanchez-Juarez, formerly known as Amy Frasu Roach, was born and raised in Tallahasee, Florida.  She earned her BA in Deaf Education from Gallaudet University, but already knew interpreting was her passion.  Amy wanted formal academic training in interpreting and was looking to improve her interpretation skills, to learn about research in the field and to become a nationally certified interpreter.  All of these goals (and more) were realized in the Gallaudet MA in Interpretation graduate program.

Amy currently works full-time for Sorenson Communications as a Professional Development Specialist.  She supports video relay interpreters at centers across the country by providing feedback, resources, and workshops/study groups.  Amy’s graduate research was published in “Translation, Sociolinguistic, and Consumer Issues in Interpreting”, the third volume in the Gallaudet Press Studies in Interpretation series. The title was “Use of Space during an English-to-ASL Interpretation When a Visual Aid Is Present”.

Amy reflected on how her studies at Gallaudet prepared her for her career and stated, “The readings, discussions, and self-assessment exercises definitely strengthened my work over time. I now am able to share strategies for interpreters to analyze and think about their work in a conscious and deliberate way.”  Her advice to future graduate interpreting students? “Everyone has different needs, but looking back, I am glad I did not work as an interpreter during the school year when I was in the MAI program. I was able to focus on my learning process and growth, without getting stuck in bad processing vocabulary habits.”