Success Stories

All recent Department of Linguistics graduate program alumni are either employed (80 percent) or pursuing further education (20 percent) within one year of graduation. Most of the department's linguistics minors are also employed.

Recent Alumni Positions

Current doctoral student Casey (Cochran) Thornton, M.A. '12, is a graduate intern in Gallaudet's Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging.

Linguistics student Rachel Benedict, '11, earned a master's degree in applied linguistics from Boston University and teaches at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.

Dr. Clifton Langdon, M.A. '09, Ph.D., '13, is an assistant professor in the Educational Neuroscience Program at Gallaudet.

Linguistics minor Dana Baldiviez, '15, earned a master's degree in sign language education/is a master's student in sign language education at Gallaudet and teaches ASL at the university.