Larry G. Stewart Awards

Larry G. Stewart Award Recipients

Each year the Clinical Psychology Program Faculty recommend a student to receive the Larry G. Stewart award, in honor of Professor Larry Stewart, who was a founding member of the Clinical Psychology Program.  Dr. Stewart taught in this Department from 1989 until his death in 1992.  The honor reflects Dr. Stewart's commitment to professionalism, integrity, and highest standards in theory, practice, and research in psychology and deafness.

2016    Donna Guardino
2015    Rebecca Elliott Smith
2014    Carly Ostrom
2013    Leah Murphy
2012    Erin McLaughlin
2011    Cara Miller
2010    Melissa Anderson
2009    LaNina Williams
2008    Christen Szymanski
2007    Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi
2006    Talibah Buchanan
2005    Lauren Esposito
2004    Linda Ridall
2003    Raylene Harris
2002    Amy Szarkowski
2001     Robert Baldwin
2000     Holly Coryell
1999     Mercedes Alfaro-Chilelli
1998     Michelle Yetman
1997     Peter Hauser
1996     JoAnn Mackinson  
1995     Lisa Marshall
1994     Judi Fruge
1993     Sybil Smith-Gray