Online Courses & Registration


There are two types of Gallaudet online courses: (1) those offered at Gallaudet University and taught by its faculty, and (2) those offered through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) -- of which Gallaudet is a participating institution. Gallaudet University online courses go by different course schedules whereas OCICU courses are mostly 8-weeks long. 

Degree-seeking and non-matriculated students are to check out the Gallaudet University online courses first from the current list of Gallaudet University online/hybrid courses. GU matriculated students can register for those courses through Bison whereas non-matriculated students will need to apply first. To determine where to apply,  find the program that is the right fit for you. Click on the program for application information. If you are a student from another university, apply to be an undergraduate or graduate special student first before you register for an online course.

Only For GU Matriculated Students: If the desired online courses are not available at Gallaudet University, then courses through the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges & Universities can be considered; however registration can only be done through a GU faculty adviser. For more information, go to GU-OCICU

Important information: If you are in a regular degree program and receiving financial aid, you need to be aware that your financial aid may be affected if you take more than two online courses (GU or OCICU) a semester. Check with your financial aid advisor first before you register.