Diversity Fellows Job Announcement





The Office of the Chief Diversity Officer has established a Diversity Fellows program to strengthen the link between diversity and educational excellence.  Faculty and staff members will be reassigned a portion of their job time to work directly with the Chief Diversity Officer in carrying out the University's strategic goals related to diversity, inclusion, and educational excellence. 

The Diversity Fellows will be in the forefront of the effort to transform university thinking of diversity from a "laundry list" of identities to a model of diversity as an institutional engine moving the University toward educational excellence. 



Brief Description of Diversity Fellows' Focus Areas

1)       Language and Communication Fellow

Gallaudet University is a bilingual university that embraces a wide spectrum of language and communication styles.  This Fellow, along with a committee, will assist the community in clarifying the expectations of living, learning, working, and communicating in a bilingual community. 

To further assist the community in understanding bilingualism, this Fellow will make recommendations for professional development, broaden the research agenda, and facilitate difficulty dialogues about fostering an inclusive, bilingual environment respectful of all.

2)       Climate and Intergroup Relations Fellow

Recent climate surveys suggest the need for creating an environment of support by improving the perception of the University's climate and intergroup relations.  This Fellow, along with a committee, will examine the impact of climate on educational outcomes, community, and the University mission.  To support the University's capacity for diversity, this Fellow will address multiple ways to achieve difficulty dialogues.

3)      Education and Scholarship Fellow

This Fellow, along with a committee, will focus on the academic core of the University; academic development that occurs inside and outside the classroom.  Issues related to teaching and research will be central to the work of this Fellow.  What should the University's pedagogy, curriculum, faculty expertise, and research include?  Is the University in pursuit of new scholarship and new scholarly initiatives? 

4)      Access and Success Fellow

While demographics have changed the face of the University, mere access to educational opportunities at a university is not enough to ensure student success.  This Fellow, along with a committee, will examine issues of equity related to student access and educational outcomes.  Access and success includes "identifying talent, enabling student achievement, and studying which students are thriving and why."  (Smith, 2009)

5)      Institutional Viability and Vitality Fellow

How well different populations thrive and succeed at Gallaudet is an indicator of the institution's health.  This Fellow, along with a committee, will examine the University's statements, its human capital, its institutional processes, and its perceptions of institutional commitment to determine if Gallaudet has built the capacity for diversity.  If not, then institutional gaps will be identified and remedies recommended for ensuring institutional viability and vitality through the University's capacity for diversity.

B.     Expectations


Diversity Fellows will provide advisement to the Chief Diversity Officer on matters pertaining to achieving the goals in the University Diversity Statement and Strategic Plan.  In conjunction with the CDO, Fellows will develop a work schedule and attend one-hour weekly meeting with the CDO and other Diversity Fellows to discuss work plans and progress.  During the summer of 2011, Diversity Fellows will be expected to attend a two-week summer planning retreat.


1)      Establish a working committee that includes faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, and administrators.  The composition of the Committee should be done in consultation with the CDO.

2)      Collaborate with a wide variety of constituents in the University to assess programmatic needs that support diversity initiatives on campus.

3)      Identify "institutional/educational" gaps in your area and use this data to make recommendations for filling gaps which represent inequities in outcomes.

4)      Develop appropriate programs, strategies, and initiatives through collaboration with units on campus.

5)      Plan, develop, oversee and facilitate training and professional development as needed.

6)      Serve as a campus contact on diversity; providing assessment, information, and resources for diversity to individuals and units; interact with all University units on diversity issues and programs.

7)      Serve as a facilitator for Campus Wide Dialogues after receiving appropriate training.

C.    Qualifications


·         Understanding of issues related to diversity, climate, and inclusive excellence.

·         Knowledge of organizational change and strategic planning.

·         Experience working with academic, student development, and student administrative services diversity programs.

·         Demonstration of the multiple ways in which diversity can foster the achievement of educational excellence for all students.

·         Working knowledge of outcomes assessment.

·         Academic studies and/or experience in diversity, multiculturalism, strategic planning or other related fields.

·         Previous involvement with campus diversity initiatives.

 Diversity Fellows Application (PDF)

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