Floor Captain Roles and Responsibilities

Things you should do now (prior to a future emergency)

  • Familiarize yourself with all contents of the Floor Captain Binder.
  • Review the Emergency Preparedness Guide information online.
  • Become familiar with the locations of every possible exit of your building or floor (depending on your area of responsibility). Those locations are where you will post the emergency announcement signs. If you have more than a few exits you may want to put a Post-It note on every sign so that you will be reminded to post the sign at that location.
  • Familiarize yourself with the safe areas (upper and lower). Periodically check to ensure that you have access to the supplies area and if supplies need to be restocked.
  • In most safe areas the only supply that is stocked are water bottles.
  • Develop a plan of how to contact persons on your floor or building. For those with responsibility for a building, you should identify someone on each floor (administrative secretaries are probably the best option) that will be contacted by their preferred method (pager, phone, etc.) and assist with the information sharing for individuals on that floor. You can then share the information with individuals on your floor. Those individuals responsible to share information with individuals on their floor should let them know of this responsibility, and if any of them prefer to be contacted by pager or phone they should indicate that, so that you can develop a master contact list on your email, pager or phone.
  • Establish a back-up plan and identify someone in your office to serve as Floor Captain in your absence (vacation, etc). Share the contents and location of the binder, the location of the exits, the safe areas, the supplies location, and the manner in which individuals on your floor can best be contacted. You may be asked to share your plan with the Provost, so have it handy.
  • Make or purchase your own emergency kit. The binder contains information about recommended emergency supplies. Personalize it to your preferences. Encourage all individuals on your floor to have a kit, and to remember to bring their kit to the safe area should an emergency occur. Serve as the liaison between the CLT and your assigned area.

Your responsibilities during an emergency

  • Initiate communication with the individuals on your building contact list via phone or pager.
  • Post the appropriate emergency signage immediately. If the back-up person is available, you can delegate that responsibility. (Be sure that the locations for posting the signs are pre-identified on each sign.
  • Pick up your emergency kit, and inform individuals on your floor of the emergency and where they should go. Remind them to bring their emergency kits.
  • Go to the Safe Area. If your safe area is only accessible by key, be sure that you are there immediately to unlock the door.
  • Provide on-site assistance (e.g. calming presence, sharing information, etc.)
  • Account for the people in the safe area (make reasonable effort)
  • Ask that individuals remain in the safe area until DPS or CLT member stops by to inform you that everyone can come out. Some safe areas are not accessible by pager, requiring a DPS officer to stop by at each location.
  • Serve as the liaison between the CLT and your assigned area.
  • If everyone is asked to assemble at the primary evacuation site (Field House), assist your group to the assembly area and continue to serve as liaison between your group and CLT.
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