Appendix B: Quarterly Financial Reporting for DHHS

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requires financial information be submitted quarterly. The Finance office will use the following procedures to file the financial reports.

  1. Log onto the DHHS web site, click on the Electronic 272 and then click on the Electronic 272 Reporting.
  2. Print out from the PeopleSoft accounting system the grants expenditures for the calendar quarter that you are reporting online. Total up for each grant all of the expenses for this quarter that have not been previously reported during the last quarter. If the PI has not reviewed the expenses report them anyway. Make a note on the file for the next quarter so that if any expense is transferred off of the grant the adjustment should be posted during the next quarter.
  3. You have the following four reporting areas to review:
    1. PSC 272-A Federal Cash Transaction Report
    2. PSC 272-B Statement of Cash Accountability
    3. PSC 272-G Inactive Documents Report
    4. PSC 272 Status of Federal Cash
    As with all of these reports, print out each screen and retain a copy of it for each calendar quarter.
  4. You start with the PSC 272-A report. Add the total of expenditures from the PeopleSoft accounting system to the total in the column of the Federal Share Cumulative – Previous (D) and enter that total into the column Net Disbursement Cumulative Current (E).
  5. Print out the report PSC 272-B. Review all posting to the grant’s revenue account with the cash draws that were done during this quarter online. At the end of the fiscal year, the cash draw will be posted to the general ledger account receivable #1228 account.
  6. The PSC 272 report will be completed by the computer; however, you must type in the area of who will certify this report and who prepared this report.
  7. Once you have completed and verified all the reports then upload this Electronic 272. The page of the PSC 272 report will come up on the screen for a signature and date. Print out this page and provide the print-out and support for the Controller’s review and approval.
  8. The assistant Treasurer is the current person to officially sign the completed report.
  9. Once signed then type up a cover letter to DHHS at the Rockville, Maryland address (Division of Payment Management PO Box 6021 Rockville MD 20852) and mail off to them the cover letter, PSC 272 signed, PSC 272-A, and PSC 272-B. Keep a copy of all of this in the quarterly file.
  10. Update the quarterly Federal Cash Transfer reconciliation schedule and provide for the Controller to review. At fiscal year-end, ensure that the quarterly filings reconcile to the OMB Circular A-133 Schedule of Federal Awards noted on the audit report.

DHHS has instructions on the web site under "Help" for filling out these quarterly reports online and are found at the DHHS web site.