Financial Aid Programs

Financial aid is made up of a number of different types of financial assistance sources. At Gallaudet University the three primary categories of aid are federal programs, University grants/scholarships, and outside sources of assistance. A brief description of each category follows.


Federal Pell Grant - Undergraduate only
This is a federal grant based on financial need, cost of attendance, and student enrollment status. Pell Grants range in value from $626 to $5,775 per academic year (2015-2016). Grant amounts are determined after the Financial Aid Office receives the results of the student's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be received before or while a student is enrolled. FAFSA results received after a student withdraws or at the end of a school year are void.

Information about Pell Lifetime Limits:

Beginning with the 2012-2013 Academic Year, federal law limits the amount of Pell Grant that a student can receive. You must plan now for your future enrollment, especially if you plan to transfer into Gallaudet University to pursue a bachelor's degree. Remember, the six‐year limit is a LIFETIME limit, regardless of completion of your academic goals or bachelor's degree. Details about the Pell lifetime limits can be found in the Federal Pell Lifetime Limits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
This is a federal grant for undergraduate students who are determined to have exceptional financial need, based on the results of their FAFSA. Average grants range in value from $200 to $2,000 per academic year, depending upon individual need and available funding.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)
These are federal funds intended to promote part-time employment, on or off-campus, for students who demonstrate financial need. FWS funds awarded to students are paid as they are earned for employment. Placement for students awarded FWS funds is done through Gallaudet's Career Center. Community service positions and reading tutor positions off campus are available to FWS recipients. These positions offer a variety of service sites and activities. For more information, contact the Gallaudet University Career Center and visit the Federal Work Study Center.


Grant-in-Aid (GIA)
GIA is a University grant that is given in the form of a credit to students' charges. Recipients must be full-time, regular degree-seeking students. No student refunds may be made from GIA funds, as they are an offset to university direct charges.

These are gift funds that are donated to the University by a variety of individuals and organizations. Recipients must be full-time, regular degree-seeking students. Scholarships are restricted based on donor requirements; however, most are based academic performance. The Financial Aid Office matches students with scholarship requirements. Awards vary with donations and donor restrictions. Applicants for scholarships should complete the IFAA in full (leave no sections blank). Applicants for financial aid are automatically considered and matched with these funds and do not need to apply for individual scholarships.

Some Graduate School departments offer students assistance in the form of tuition waivers, scholarships and/or stipends. Awards are made by individual departments. Prospective graduate students should contact their department regarding the availability of this type of assistance. Although not awarded by the Financial Aid Office, these awards do count as financial aid and toward meeting financial need (unless given as earnings for work performed).

Gallaudet provides a significant level of part-time student employment opportunities through its Career Center. A variety of positions are available to students who wish to work part-time while attending school. Students interested in employment should contact the Career Center.

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                  Eligibility for University and Federal Aid Programs
PELL x x x x x x x
FSEOG x x x x x x x
FWS x x x x x x x
PERKINS x x x x x x x
STAFFORD x x x x x x x
PLUS x x x x x x x
GIA x x x x x x
SCHOL x x x x x x x
UG Undergraduate
GRD Graduate student (Masters, PhD)
U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen
INT'L International student
F/T Full-time (12 credits UG, 9 credits GRD)
H/T Half-Time (6 credits UG/GRD)
P/T Part-Time (less than 6 credits)
REPAY Aid is a loan and must be repaid
GIFT Aid does NOT require repayment
DEG Must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program
SPEC Not degree-seeking, or non-degree credits


Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)
Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation program designed to assist people with disabilities to become work-ready. Approximately 47% of Gallaudet students receive some financial support from state VR agencies. If you need more information about VR, contact the program in your area or the Financial Aid Office. For more information: Vocational Rehabilitation.

Social Security
Deaf and hard of hearing students may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is a program providing monthly benefits to individuals who are disabled, unqualified for substantial work, and whom have significant financial need. Information is available through your local Social Security Office. For more information:

State Grants
Most states have grant programs available; however, only a few permit the use of funds for out-of-state attendance. Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Maryland, Maine, District of Columbia, and Rhode Island are among those who allow grant funds to be used at Gallaudet. Contact your State Scholarship Agency for further information.

Aid Distribution

Financial Aid Disbtribution Chart for Graduate and Undergraduate Students


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