FAQ for Instructors on Blackboard (my.gallaudet.edu)

Semester Transitions and Course Cartridges Documents in this page are for various tasks that instructors may do in my.Gallaudet.edu (BlackBoard). In order to view those documents, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or Flash. If you want to download software on your office computer, you will need to submit a ticket with Help Desk to have a technician to come by and install them for you.

The following information should provide answers to most common Blackboard (Bb) questions.

Combine multiple courses into a single course site?

Submit a ticket to Help Desk with information of all courses that you wish to combine into a single course site. This request will allow other course sites to be unavailable and move students into a single course site.

Request a custom course site?

Submit a ticket to Help Desk. A custom course may be requested manually for the following reasons: to develop content in advance of a course being available, or to prepare a site for tenure review purposes. Otherwise, you may request an Organization site for any other reasons.

Remove old courses from my.Gallaudet account

All Blackboard courses older than three years are have been purged.  Fall 2011 and newer courses are still in the system. This action was proposed in the November 16, 2009 faculty meeting and passed. Please contact your eLearning specialist if you have any concerns or would like to archive your courses.

Course Management Description
Semester Transitions Learn about some important steps to back up your course sites and transition to another semester.

Web icon

PDF logo

Make Course Available Learn how to make your course available to your students.
html icon

pdf logo

View/Save/Print Course Evaluations How to save your course evaluations to PDF and file it away.

PDF icon

Set Guest Availability How do I set my course available to my guests?  

pdf logo

Guest Access to your Course How do your guest get to the course you just made available to guests?

Import a Course Cartridge How do I import publisher's content into my Bb course?
Assessment Description
Grade Center: 
Introduction to and basic steps of setup and using the Grade Center for your class. html icon PDF icon
Grade Center:
Manage Grades
Grades can be entered into the Grade Center either by automatically or manually. Learn to enter a grade manually, change a grade, add a comment to a grade, delete a grade, revert a grade, delete an attempt, drop a grade, and view a grade's history. html icon
Grade Center:
Customize Spreadsheet with Smart Views
You can create “Smart Views,” a display of the Grade Center spreadsheet data based on your criteria. Any Smart View can be saved as the default view of the Grade Center. html icon
Grade Center:
Change Grading Scale
You can change the predefined grading scale to display a grade as "Pass/Fail" or a letter grade, by using the Grading Schema to modify to your choice. html icon
Grade Center:
Calculate Grades
You can Add Calculated Columns to perform customized weighted-grade calculations and include only selected columns in the calculations. html icon
Grade Center:
Download Grades
You can download Grade Center data to your computer as a tab or comma delimited file that you can use in other applications such as Microsoft Excel or any other statistical analysis programs. html icon
Grade Center:
Adding Extra Credit
Explain how to add Extra Credit to your Totals column. Will not work with Weighted Total column.

pdf icon

Course Tools Description HTML PDF
Syllabus Learn how to add/build a syllabus for your course. html icon
Announcement Learn how to add an announcement to create a welcome statement or inform of any new materials to your students html icon
Manage Course Menu Learn how to add/remove/organize your course menu. html icon
Add Course Banner Learn how to add banner to your course. html icon
Create an Assignment Learn how to create an Assignment where your students can send their homework files. html icon
Create a Safe Assignment Safe Assignment is a plagiarism checking tool. Learn how to create a Safe Assignment and understand what kind of files will work with Safe Assignment. html icon
Discussion Board Overview Learn how to customize and manage discussion boards. html icon
Discussion Board Forums Learn how to add/build discussion forums. html icon
Create and manage Groups Learn how to create and manage Groups. html icon
Specialty Tools Description HTML PDF
Blackboard Scholar Learn how to SAVE your bookmarks online, SHARE your bookmarks with other users, DISCOVER new useful links, and TAG your bookmarks for sorting and easy retrieval from ANY computer. html icon
Blogs Learn how to set up blogs for your course. html icon
Wikis Learn how to set up shared web space for students to create collaboration work as part of their class projects. html icon
Content Collection Learn how to use Bb's file storage and management system. html icon
Multimedia Tools Description
Bb Video Anywhere

How to record yourself directly via Bb using Video Anywhere tool

Set up YouTube channel

How to set up my channel with YouTube (You must do this first before using Bb Video Anywhere or it will not work)

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