ACT Test Instructions

You should inform and confirm with your admission counselor of your interest in taking the ACT and on which date. Please click on the ACT Registration Form to register for the ACT at Gallaudet University.

The ACT fee is $60, which has been in effect since August 22, 2016.

Please note that if you submit your registration form and then decide to change your ACT date, you will need to pay the ACT fee again. In addition, Gallaudet University is not responsible for any consequences that result from any erroneous information submitted, including the ACT date that you will be paying for. Please note that if you ask the ACT coordinator for an ACT fee waiver, your request will not be granted.

The deadline is one week before the ACT date that you have selected. If you missed the deadline, a late fee of $5 will be charged.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted up to two days before the selected ACT date. When you submit your credit/debit card information in the registration form, please doublecheck it to make sure that it is correct. After you submit the registration form, please wait for an automated email notification. If your credit/debit card is declined, you will receive an automated email informing you that you are not registered for the ACT date that you have selected and will need to email the ACT coordinator for more information. If the transaction for your credit/debit card is successful, you will receive an automated email with your registration number. You will need to print out this email and bring it with you.

Please come to Hall Memorial Building (HMB) room E253 to check in for the scheduled ACT. There will be a guide to lead to everyone to the test room(s) after the check in process is completed. If you are late, you will not be admitted and you will forfeit your payment.

You are required to bring in either your driver's license or an official identification card with a photo. Your driver's license or photo identification must include your birth date. Your official identification and the email printout with the registration number on it are required to gain admission to the ACT. Once the preliminary steps have started, late registrants will be not be allowed to check in or come into the test room.

At the scheduled time of the ACT date, the proctor will ask you to fill in information on the answer form, explain ACT instructions, and respond to any remaining questions you may have about how to take the ACT.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to bring your own calculators. You are not allowed to share calculators with others in the test room. There are a few other rules about using calculators. The calculators cannot be multi-use devices like cell phones, pagers, etc. Please check the ACT calculator policy in this link below to find out if your calculator is an approved calculator.

The ACT here at Gallaudet University already has extended test times. If you wish to make a request for special accommodation(s), please contact the ACT coordinator and be ready to submit documentation from a certified specialist in order to obtain special accommodations.

If you cancel your registration for an ACT date or choose not to attend on the date of the ACT indicated in your registration, the payment is not refundable. Payments cannot be held for the next test date.

If you have questions or concerns about taking the ACT at Gallaudet University, please contact the ACT coordinator, Mr. Ali Sanjabi, at

Updated February 11th, 2017

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