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Fall 2016

Gallaudet Today Magazine is published twice a year (fall and spring). A subscription costs $15/year (U.S.) and $25/year (International). A subscription also includes two Gallaudet Today newsletters (winter and summer).

Members of the Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) receive the magazine as part of their membership. Visit the GUAA website for more information.

To subscribe, send a check, with your name and address, to:

Gallaudet Today subscriptions
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Cover of Gallaudet Day Magazine, Spring 2016. Students surround President Bobbie Cordano, signing "Gallaudet" in the bleachers of the Field House Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2015. President Hurwitz in lab coat and goggles, surrounded by students wearing the sameGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2015. Old picture of two former University presidents in graduation regaliaGallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2014. Gallaudet Bison stands in front of Chapel Hall with an "I'm In" t-shirtGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2014. Chapel Hall at night. Lights are on and there are floodlights on the building.  On the Tower Clock you can see the number, "150"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2013. Older black and white photo of a black man in front of a door and stairway.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2013. Capital in the background. The leaders of the student led protests of DPN in 1988 in front.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2012. Various athletes in uniform on the stairs of Chapel HallGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2012, Dr. Pettito and two colleagues on the cover, with lab coats. Title: "Bilingualism and Brain Imaging"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2011. President Hurwitz on the Cover, wearing a dark suit, red tie, standing by the columns of Chapel HallGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2011. Dennison House Project. Shows a close up of the decorative fence in front.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2010. Image of a tent in Haiti, labeled DEAFGallaudet Today Magazine, Winter 2010. Statue of Abraham LincolnGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2009. Two scientists looking at a jar with water in it, near a large riverGallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2008, image of a postcard that says, "Greetings from Gallaudet" with two women standing in front of a mountain view.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2007. Old image of someoneGallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2006. A blue fence with yellow raincoats and a red bucket on the coverGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2006. an upward view of the NY Times Square.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2005, "Our Stories: Everybody Has a Story to Tell" a collage of images underneathGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2005. A man with blue shirt and tie and a woman with a lavender shirt on the cover. "Think Gallaudet"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2004. One child in a play tunnel, and several children playing in the background, on the grass. "Happy Anniversary"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2004. An alien figurine on the cover, "Androids, Aliens and Sir Issac Newton"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2003. Two men on stage, playing Huckleberry and Finn.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2003. Photo of Jean, on a rock wall, "Hanging in There"Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2002 -- Deaf Way II logo on the coverGallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2002. Cover is filled images of college, a globe, computer sporting equipment, etc.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2001. Images of 9 people done in Brady Bunch styleGallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2001. Illustration of Tower Clock with a bunch of faces.Gallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 2000. collage of images and words, like "Wired" headline: "It's exciting. It's explosive. It's everywhere. It's TECHNOLOGY."Gallaudet Today Magazine, Spring 2000. Image of Don Miller leaning out of an old car windowGallaudet Today Magazine, Fall 1999. painting of College Hall with dogwoods in the forefront.