Article III - Representative

Section 1. Term of Service

3.1.1 A representative's term of service shall be two years (or a portion thereof for an appointment or election to fill a midterm vacancy). The term of service for regularly elected or appointed representatives shall commence on July 1. The term of service for all Representatives shall expire on June 30 after 24 months

3.1.2 Representatives may serve up to two consecutive terms and may thereafter be re-elected as representatives after a one-term break in service.

3.1.3 Resignation by a representative should be made in writing or in ASL using video to the chair of the council. If a representative resigns or cannot otherwise continue to serve as a member of the council for any reason prior to the end of the applicable term of service, the chair will appoint the next eligible member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the applicable term.

Section 2. Duties and Meetings

3.2.1 Representatives shall further the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the council.

3.2.2 Representatives are encouraged to communicate with constituents on a regular basis to become and to remain informed of staff employee issues and concerns.

3.2.3 Attendance records are reflected in the minutes of council meetings. If a representative believes an error or omission has been made in the attendance record as reflected in the minutes, the representative has until the conclusion of the second regularly scheduled meeting following distribution of the draft minutes to correct the attendance record by written request to the recording secretary. After this period has expired, attendance records will be deemed final and will be published in the final minutes.

3.2.4 The GSC chair and a standing committee chair may request release time for all GSC committee members whenever the presence of such a staff is requested or needed during those additional hours.

3.2.5 Staff Issues committee: shall be a standing committee, appointed by the chair, serves as an advisory group to the GSC on global staff employee issues or concerns that fall outside the scope of other committees, reviews global staff employee issues, weights the validity of these issues, and brings the issues forward for discussion at council meeting. Provides input to the university's A & O and other policies affecting all staff welfare generally. Nominate staff employees for training as potential members of
grievance review panels as necessary.

Section 3. Appointments, Reports and Continuance of Appointments:

3.3.1 The Gallaudet Staff Council will appoint qualified staff members to serve on University Committees and Task Forces as requested by the President, Vice Presidents, or other University groups or Officers.

3.3.2 Appointees represent Staff Council and staff concerns in the committees on which they serve.

3.3.3 Reports: Appointees are expected to report periodically on their assignments (respecting, of course, the confidentiality that accompanies some assignments) to the Staff Council. Reports will be passed along
through the minutes.

3.3.4 Continuance of Appointments: Appointees whose Staff Council terms expire before their appointments are completed shall continue in their appointment until the work is completed. Reports to Staff Council will be made in accordance with 3.3.

Section 4. Removal of the Council member:

3.4.1 Poor attendance: A Council member who misses three consecutive regularly scheduled Staff Council meetings without prior notification or a member who misses more than 25% of all regularly scheduled Staff
Council meetings in a year will be contacted by the Staff Council Chair and Vice Chair to discuss possible termination. After review of the circumstances, the Executive Committee will determine whether or not
formal recall procedures will be initiated.

3.4.2 Failure to meet obligations: Members who fail to serve on standing committees or fail to meet the obligations of accepted appointments may be subject to recall.

3.4.3 Petitioned recall: If a petition is presented to Staff Council with 50 valid signatures from staff members asking for the recall of their representative, that member will be subject to recall.

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