Results! Legal (SC:L) Mentorship Program

 9-month PAID Mentoring Program

Apply by April 24, 2015

Program Dates: August 2015 to May 2016

This 9-month program includes:

  • A generous weekly stipend
  • Housing On-campus
  • Health Insurance
  • Overnight on-call duties working with DPS
  • Observation in DC courtrooms
  • SC:L study group sessions
  • Campus interpreting and on-the-job coaching
  • Teamed assignments
  • Mentoring sessions focused on skill-building
  • Free Legal workshops and opportunities to earn CEUs

GIS interpreter signing FOREVER. Interpreter is black with short hair and a light grey suit. Interpreter is centered in the image and behind her is the US Capitol building slightly out of focus. GIS Interpreter (black skin wearing a dark top) stands to the left of a Metro Police Department Officer (Dark hair and beard with a black sweater and MPD badge on his left arm) as Officer addresses a crown of students in SAC MPR

Work in the courtroom and other legal settings requires both a high degree of competency in interpreting and a high level of knowledge related to legal processes, language, and protocol. This program capitalizes on the unique opportunities in the District of Columbia to offer a program that incorporates both skill development and legal training at Gallaudet University, DC Superior Court, and the US Supreme Court.  

  • Opportunities on campus are the heart of this program, providing a rich and diverse interpreting experience
  • Development of interpreting competency primarily happens through work on campus in both ASL and Spoken English
  • Mentors support skill development and work with visiting interpreters to identify areas to target for improvement
  • Interpreters participate in rigorous legal study sessions aimed at developing knowledge of the demands of the legal setting and expertise at meeting those demands
  • Interpreters attend DC Superior Court and the US Supreme Court to watch proceedings and observe interpreters (when available) to familiarize themselves with the courtroom
  • Training and practice additionally includes Gallaudet Department of Public Safety (DPS) training and serving on rotation as first responders int eh overnight emergency on-call team. Visiting interpreters may have opportunities to interpret for the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and DPS officers on the Gallaudet campus

Selected participants come to DC from August 2015 to May 2016 (specific dates to be determined after selection into the program) and spend 40-hours a week working at GIS.  In August, interpreters are provided with GIS orientation and foundational legal and law enforcement training. Training provided through this program will support readiness for interpreters to take the SC:L Written Examination.  

This rigorous and challenging environment will allow you to work daily with other interpreters in a collaborative and stimulating work environment while honing your professional competence.

Complete your application today!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Does it cost to attend?

  • No. This program is a PAID mentoring experience on the Gallaudet University campus. Mentees receive generous weekly stipends between $700 and $900 per week for working full-time at GIS (Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm).
 What should I expect if I am selected?
  • Challenge leading to noticeable improvement - we are about RESULTS!
  • Training and orientation in August (all day training sessions)
  • Extensive diagnostic skills assessment
  • Ongoing training, workshops, observations, role play, discussion groups and mentoring sessions
  • Valuable work experiences both on and off campus
  • Personal mentors and individual mentoring sessions as well as teamed assignments
 How do I apply, and what is required?
  • View our application page
  • The application will ask you questions about yourself, you interpreting experience, your skill development goals, your desires related to mentorship and for a copy of your resume
  • After you complete the online application, you will be sent information on how to complete the video portion of your application.
 What are the program dates?
  • The program begins in August of 2015 and ends in May of 2016.  Start dates will depend on participants.  Time off can be requested during the year, and we strongly encourage visiting interpreters to plan trips home during the semester breaks (Thanksgiving week, Christmas Break, and Spring Break).

What is the application deadline?
  • A completed online and video application is due Friday, April 24, 2015. 
  • Candidate selections announced early in June 2015
 Where would I live?
  • Visiting interpreters have access to on-campus housing during their time at GIS. Interpreters in the Legal program are expected to live on-campus to cover their on-call shifts.
  • If you prefer off-campus housing you must live within 10 minutes of campus for DPS on-call duties.
 What is the structural support for this program?
  • This program is an investment from GIS in advancing the skills of professional, working interpreters nationwide
  • The Results! Mentoring Program is supported by the Results! Mentoring Team. This team is comprised of the GIS Mentoring Program Lead and 4 GIS Mentoring Coordinators.
  • Support also comes from certified and experienced interpreters/interpreter mentors.  These mentors are trained GIS staff and freelance interpreters who provide direct mentoring to individual mentees.
 Why do I have to be certified to apply to the Legal (SC:L) Mentorhsip Program?
  • The purpose of this program is to prepare you for the SC:L. The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf requires national certification (a generalist certificate) prior to sitting for the SC:L exam.
  • GIS does address the needs of student interpreters through another program, the Results! MAI Mentoring program. In this program, trained GIS mentors provide individualized mentoring and work experiences for students in the Gallaudet Masters of Interpretation (MAI) academic program.
 How many applications do you receive, and how many interpreters do you select into each cohort?
  • Our application pool varies from year to year, depending on the numbers and types of cohorts we support. Our applicant pool also grows as word spreads about our program. Generally, we receive between 50-100 applications per year.
  • The numbers of interpreters selected per cohort also varies, and depends on multiple factors including the skill sets of applicants, and the feasibility of mentor matching for each mentee. In the past, we have had from 2-6 mentees in each cohort.
  • For the 2015/16 academic year, we expect to invite up to 5 Visiting Interpreters.
 Why don't you offer a shorter program?
  • We are about RESULTS!, and we know from experience that a shorter program does not allow sufficient time for new skills to be fully internalized. For that reason, we do not offer a summer, or a half semester program.
  • We do provide some flexibility around vacation schedules and have a procedure for requesting days off.  Visiting interpreters with limited responsibilities 'back home' may find this flexibility sufficient so that they can still participate in the program.
 Can I participate in this program through distance learning?
  •  No. Unfortunately our program design requires on site participation.  
 What can I expect while working at Gallaudet?  
  • Working on the Gallaudet University campus looks different every day.  The variety of courses that are interpreted range from undergraduate to PhD level courses.  Many classes are interpreted into English and several are also captioned from the interpretation. There are also opportunities to work from English to ASL in student internships or sponsored events on campus.  Gallaudet interpreters work with a diverse group of Deaf professionals and students.  In addition, the Gallaudet campus houses the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center where interpreters occasionally work at open houses, IEP meetings, and with emerging signers. 
 What will a typical day involve?  
  • A typical day involves interpreting teamed assignments on the Gallaudet Campus. Mentoring sessions also happen throughout the week, as well as study groups, observations, and time to prepare for assignments.  All assignments and meetings are scheduled through a database managed by the GIS scheduling team.  
  • Interpreters are expected to be on-campus from 8am-5pm during the week as scheduling needs change quickly.  
  • Interpreters usually have some down-time during the day to work on skill-building activities, prepare for classes, and respond to email.  Visiting interpreters will be assigned office space in order to complete these tasks. 
 If I am not selected this year, can I reapply again next year?
  • Certainly!



Please complete the following application to be considered for the Legal (SC:L) Mentorship program at Gallaudet.  You will need to answer all of the questions and upload a resume of your professional work experience.

If you are having trouble viewing this page, please enable cookies and 3rd party content in your browser preferences. To see the application in a new window, click here.

The application will automatically save your responses to your computer in a temporary internet file for 2 days.  If your browser closes or shuts down for any reason, simply open this page again and your responses will re-populate.  However, you have to use the same computer in order to view your responses.

Upon completion of your application, you will be sent an email verifying your information and giving you a link with instructions on how to complete the video portion of the application. If you have any questions, please contact the Results! Mentoring Program office at 202.250.2940 (VP) or by email at

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