Connecting to BisonNet

Gallaudet Technology Services provides wireless network service (BisonNet) throughout most areas of campus. Members of the Gallaudet community and their guests are free to use this service and, by attaching to the network, agree to abide by the University Technology Policy -

While many computer types and devices have been tested with the system, we really don't have a way to test every piece of technology that's out there. With that said, most systems will work just fine provided they have a few basic functional requirements:

  • A functioning wireless adapter (802.11a/g/n)
  • A web browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome)
  • Knowledge of how to select a wireless network on your device

Additionally, we strongly recommend that, whenever possible, have the following software package installed and properly configured and updated:

  • Current version of the operating system
  • Antivirus software
  • Firewall

While strict compliance of these recommendations is not enforced, should your device display signs of being vulnerable to or infected by malicious software, your network access may be blocked until the issue is resolved.

How to connect:

* If you have a functioning Gallaudet login ID, you only have to do this once on each wireless device you own. Guests will be required to re-register after several hours.

  1. On your device, locate the Wireless Network Configuration settings.
  2. You will be presented with a list of available networks. Select BisonNet from the list.
  3. Depending on your device, the "Gallaudet University Network Device Registration" page may automatically open (many phones and tablets do this). If that doesn't happen, open your browser and the page will be displayed.
    Device Registration Main dialog
  4. Review the Network Acceptable Use Agreement (it's a summary of the University Technology Policy linked above).
  5. If you have an active Gallaudet login ID, click "Accept".
  6. On the next page, enter your credentials and click "Register".
    Device Registration Authorization Dialog
    If you are a guest at the University, click "Accept and Register As Guest".
    On the next page, enter your name, e-mail, and phone/pager number and click "Register As Guest".
    Device Registration Guest Dialog
  7. Assuming you have provided the proper information (credentials or a completed form), you will be notified that your registration has been completed.
    End of Device Registration form

At this point, the system will reconfigure itself to support your device. After a minute or two, reconnect (or disconnect and reconnect) to the BisonNet wireless network. You can test that things are working by opening a web browser and visiting your favorite site.

** If you used to connect to the temporary network "CCA-Phaseout", go into your wireless network setup and delete or "forget" this network. If not, your system may attempt to connect to this old network as you move around campus.

Common Questions

What systems does this work with?

We have tested the system with a variety of wireless devices: Apple iOS ("iThings"), Android phones and tablets, MS Windows platforms (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Apple OSX (Lion, Mountain Lion), desktop Linux (Ubuntu), and Sony PS3 game consoles. Other systems will probably work as long as they have a functioning web browser.

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I don't see BisonNet as a network choice. Help!

If you don't see any networks, make sure your wireless adapter is turned on. (On phones, make sure "Airplane mode" is turned off.) If you see other networks, try moving to another area in or near one of the campus buildings. If you see other networks, but not BisonNet, open a Help Desk ticket and report your location so we can investigate.

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When I reconnect after registration, my browser takes me back to the Device Registration. I know I've logged because all of the screens look just like what's in the document above.

Refresh your browser.

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I have a Gallaudet account, but I'm the paranoid type. Why wouldn't I just register as a guest and avoid you guys?

Connecting as a guest will give you limited service (bandwidth limits, service restrictions) as well as making you re-register after several hours.

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If I register as a guest, what do you do with my e-mail address and phone number?

Ideally, nothing. However, if your system shows signs of a virus infection or malicious software or if you play outside the rules of the Acceptable Use Policy, we would like to have a means to contact you. The other option is, of course, blocking your access outright. Most people don't like doing things the hard way. (We sure don't.) Further, we're not providing your information to anyone -- no spam lists, mailing lists, cold call services, nothing - and it is removed from the system when your session expires.

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Do I still need the Juniper Host Checker and Cisco Clean Access applications?

Nope. Feel free to remove them from your system.

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My iPhone broke and I got a new one and the system is asking me to register again.

Each system - phone, tablet, notebook - has a unique ID. Even though you have restored all of your data to the new phone, it still "looks" different to the network. Just register the device an you'll be on your way.

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I gave my old computer to my brother and I won't have it on campus any more. Do I have to do anything to remove it from the Gallaudet system?

Not necessary. If a device doesn't show up on the network for a while (about 3 months), it's removed from the system. Of course, if you bring it back after that period, you'll need to register it again.

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Things just aren't working for me. Is there someone that can give me a hand?

The Technology Help Desk can probably get you moving in the right direction. Check out their web page -

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