Fall 2015

Map of the World

Our bilingual effort (HPN 1 of 2)

Picture of Boston Skyline.

Our bilingual effort (HPN 2 of 2)

Location of Shuxu's internship

Shuxu's Microsoft Internship

Picture of Lisa Van Der Mark and a caption "Discover the Honors Advantage"

Learn about Honors through new Honors Advantage video!

Picture of Boston Skyline.

Get ready to present at NRHC!

Image of the Pope Francis and the Parade Route

The Pope's Historic Visit to Washington, DC.

A collage of new Honors freshmen

Meet our new freshmen!

Images of the building where Andrew had his internship

Andrew's Internships

Mini Pictures of Capstone Poster Announceents

Congrats to our Capstone Graduates

Collage of Pictures of U Street

A quick look at DC's U Street Neighborhood!

picture of eastern market

A quick look at DC's Eastern Market

collage of adams morgan pictures

A quick look at D.C.'s Adams Morgan

Collage of Book and Pciture of Geoff

A new publication building on a past Honors Capstone.

Pictures of Honors students presenting

Students Present at the Regional Honors Conference!.

Literary Meet and Greet Caption

Meet the English Professors!