What do I do if I leave Gallaudet?

Retirement Funds

If you are separating from the University for reasons other than retirement and are under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), you may elect to withdraw your contributions from the retirement fund. Only the money that you have deposited is refundable - not Gallaudet's contributions. You may not withdraw contributions to Social Security or Medicare. If you withdraw your CSRS contributions, you lose all rights to length of service for retirement purposes unless you are later employed by a CSRS employer and make a redeposit. Under FERS, once contributions are withdrawn, you cannot buy your time back for FERS retirement purposes. Because Social Security is not refundable, your time in service will count for Social Security retirement purposes.

Forms for withdrawing your contributions are available in the Benefits Office, College Hall, Room 114 or e-mail benefits@gallaudet.edu.  If you complete the form within 30 days of your separation, you may return the form to the HRS Office for processing; otherwise, you must send it directly to the Office of Personnel Management. The address is on the back of the form.

If you anticipate future service under CSRS or FERS, you may wish to leave your funds on deposit. The time and money will be applied toward your future retirement benefits. If you do not have future service under the Federal retirement system, you may be eligible for a deferred retirement annuity upon reaching the age of 62 as long as you have had five years of creditable service. If you are contributing to the Thrift Savings Plan and are eligible for a deferred annuity, you may again elect to leave your funds on deposit. If you are not eligible for a deferred annuity, you must transfer the balance of your account to an individual Retirement Account (IRA) or to another eligible retirement plan.

Forms to transfer your account are available in the Benefits Office, College Hall. Room 114 or e-mail benefits@gallaudet.edu. 

Please check "What do I do if I am eligible to retire?" for more information.

Health Insurance

If you are leaving for reasons other than retirement, your health benefits under the FEHB program will terminate 31 days following the end of the pay period in which you separate. You are, however, given an opportunity to select one of two options for continuing your health insurance:

  • You may elect to convert your insurance to a non-group contract. The non-group plan may not be identical to the coverage you had with Gallaudet. You should contact your carrier directly for information regarding rates and coverage. A conversion privilege notice will be sent to you in the mail. To convert to the non-group plan, you must enroll within 31 days from the date of your separation or from the date your receive the conversion notice, whichever is later.
  • You may elect to continue your FEHB coverage for up to 18 months after separation instead of converting to the non-group contract. You may stay in the plan you currently have or enroll in another if eligible.

To continue your FEHB coverage, you must pay the full amount of the premium (both the employee and Gallaudet shares) plus a two-percent administrative charge. If you continue your FEHB coverage through the 18 months, you will be given 31 days at the end to covert to the non-group contract. If you are interested in continuing you FEHB coverage, you may obtain additional information and a registration form by calling or visiting the Benefits Office. If you elect to continue your FEHB coverage, the registration form must be returned to the HRS Office within 60 days from the date of your separation or from the date you receive the notice, whichever is later. (Employees who are terminated for gross misconduct are not eligible for FEHB continued coverage.)

Please check Health Insurance for more information.

Life Insurance

You have 31 days from the date of your separation to apply for an individual policy either with FEGLI or the University's private insurance carrier.

Please check Life Insurance for more information.

University Dental Insurance

Delta dental insurance may be continued through COBRA on a direct-pay basis for up to 18 months from the date of separation.

If you separate from Gallaudet University for reasons other than retirement, your Federal Employers Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) will terminate on the day of your separation from Gallaudet University. There are no continuation privileges.

Please check University Dental Insurance for more information.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Your long-term disability insurance will terminate on the date of your separation. There are no conversion privileges.

Please check Long-Term Disability Insurance for more information.

Annual Leave - Staff

Assuming you have no outstanding debts with the University, all unused annual leave, up to defined maximum amounts, will be reimbursed upon separation.

Please check Annual Leave for more information.

Sick Leave

If you are retiring, your sick leave will be added to creditable service under CSRS or FERS. Sick leave is not reimbursable.

Educational Assistance

If you have received educational assistance, please make sure you have turned in your grades to the Finance Office. In accepting educational assistance, you agreed to certain conditions outlined in the Educational Assistance Policy. If you have not met these requirements, you are responsible for reimbursing the University. If you do not, collection procedures will be implemented.

Please refer to the Educational Assistance policy in the Administration and Operations Manual for more information.

Tuition Waiver

If you or one of your family members has received a tuition waiver, please make sure the grades have been turned in to the Finance Office. In accepting a tuition waiver, you and your family member agreed to certain conditions outlined in the Tuition Waiver Policy. If these requirements have not been met, you are responsible for reimbursing the University in the amount of the standard course feel. If you do not, collection procedures will be implemented.

Please refer to the Tuition Waiver policy in the Administration and Operations Manual for information.

Democracy Federal Credit Union

If you currently have a loan with the Democracy Federal Credit Union, you will need to make arrangements to make your payments directly.

Keys and Identification Card

Your keys and identification card must be turned in to your supervisor or to the Department of Public Safety. Otherwise, you may be charged.

Outstanding Debts

If you have any library books, equipment, or other property belonging to Gallaudet, they must be returned; otherwise you will be charged. Also, any outstanding traffic fines must be paid. If you do not, collection procedures will be implemented.

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