Core Curriculum Checklist

The Core Curriculum is a set of courses that all Unit Administrators are required to complete. Unit Administrators have two years from the date of appointment to a administrative role to complete the list. Additional courses in the area of leadership or employee education may be offered from time to time.

The Leadership Suite sequence focuses on the human elements of leadership and is intended to help participants reflect on personal leadership philosophies, styles, and the "people skills" needed to be an effective leader. LD 117 through LD 120 are on-line courses only. Once you register for the on-line suite, you will have 120 days to complete all four courses.


A. Orientation to Gallaudet
GUP 10 The Gallaudet-Federal Connection
GUP 11 Policies and Procedures
GUP 12 Administering Compensation
GUP 13 Evaluating Staff Performance
GUP 15 Risk Management
GUP 18 Managing the Hiring Process
GUP 20 Workers' Compensation
B. Leadership Suite
LD 117 Introduction to Leadership - on-line only
LD 118 Leaders and Work-Life Balance - on-line only
LD 119 Leading and Managing Change - on-line only
LD 120 Leading Teams - on-line only