Statistics of Pupils - H

Last Name First Name Number
Haas Samuel S. 369
Hagerty Thomas 512
Hagerty Thomas 095
Hagy Henry W. 448
Haig Charles Werner 795
Haines Milton T. 878
Haldry Catharine 052
Hall Frederick 662
Hall George Waters 487
Hallowell Malachi 121
Halpen Rosa Hampton 604
Hamilton Allie W. 195
Hammack John Wesley 379
Hammer Issac Newton 297
Hannan Eugene Elmer 489
Hanson Olof 429
Harah Edwin Clarence 476
Hargrave Albert Coleman 299
Harrihill T. Francis 558
Harris Frederick Lewis 556
Harris Joseph Orrie 837
Hart Harry Rosenheim 527
Hasenstab Philip Joseph 374
Haskins James Finley 403
Hastings Edward N. 824
Hathaway Charles William 423
Hawkins Mary 264
Hayden Nellie Vail 879
Hayes William John 697
Hays Thomas 062
Hazelett Robert Dameron 276
Heibbard Charles B. 122
Hemphill Julia Alice 796
Hemstreet Charles R. 508
Hemstreet Robert Cook 797
Henderson Robert M. 173
Henry James 002
Herdman Lulu Olga 604
Herr Edward O. 338
Herron Reuben Rawlings 682
Hewetson Adam S. 903
Heyer Albert Safford 798
Hicks D. Calhoun 322
Hill Alice 8A
Hill Rueben S. 470
Hill William L. 174
Himrod William DeWitt 514
Hodges Andrew Daffin 799
Hofsteater Howard McPherson 501
Holloway Frank Caleb 248
Holloway Vollantine F. 183
Holtz Theodore Christian 635
Horn Edward 440
Hosterman Gurney Tearick 601
Hotchkiss John B. 093
Houghton Louis Albert 117
Howard Albert Waldo 615
Howard Jay C. 624
Hubbard Paul Dillingham 632
Hughes Birt 475
Hughes Charles A. 014
Hughes Hannah Maria 009
Hughes Peter 880
Huhn Alice 421
Hummer John 143
Humphrey Edward 157
Hurd Hurbert 515
Hurd Mattie 744
Hutchinson Margaret 854
Hyde Jeremiah 288
Hyde Maggie 443
Hyde Timothy 287
Hyman Fredo 559
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