Jane Norman, Ph.D.
  • Ph.D., Communication, Howard University
  • M.A., Educational Theatre, New York University
  • B.A., English Literature, Gallaudet University
Short Biography

Dr. Jane Norman joined the Communication Studies Department in the fall of 2002 after serving as faculty and chair in the Television, Photography and Digital Media department at Gallaudet University. Prior to this she was faculty in the Gallaudet’s Theatre Arts department where she formed the first Gallaudet University touring company. In 1985, while working in the National Captioning Institute marketing department, Dr. Norman was contracted by the University’s television department to re-design the pilot, Images into the Emmy-award winning Deaf Mosaic, a television magazine format series that aired nationally for ten years.

Dr. Norman teaches Mass Communication, Images of Deaf People in Media, Public Relations and special topic courses related to the media. She brings a wealth of experience from the field as a teacher, producer and international media consultant. She has received Emmy awards for her work with NewSign 4, KRON-TV 4, San Francisco and Rainbow’s End, a national PBS children program series. She served as the keynote speaker at the International Deaf Film Festivals in Rochester, New York; Toronto and Japan and was one of the invited speakers at the Berkeley Deaf Film Festival at the University of California, Berkeley’s Pacific Archive. In 2011, Dr Norman served as president of the film screening judging board at the Deaf film festival Clin d’Oeil in Reims, France.

As producer and director, Dr. Norman created the concept of the Festival unit that became an integral part of the University’s successful 1989 DEAFWAY and model for the following 2002 DEAFWAY. In 2002 she coordinated the DEAFWAY Film Festival. In 2006-2007, Dr. Norman served as Gallaudet University Academic Affairs Diversity Fellow. In 2010 she served as the producer and director of the 2010 competitive WORLDEAF Cinema Festival. Since 2007, Dr. Norman has focused on creating the Gallaudet University Museum and serves as its director and curator.


Media; Television; Films; Consultant to films and TV productions on Deaf culture; Images of Deaf People in Media; Deaf Film Festivals; Public Relations; Mass Media; Diversity in Media; Deaf Museums of the World, Gallaudet University Museum.

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