Shared Governance: Honorary Degree Committee

Updated July, 2016

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Name Title/Role Department 
Beth Benedict Professor Communication Studies
A. Dwight Benedict Dean Student Affairs & Acad. Support
Yoshiko Chino Executive Director Gallaudet Interpreting Services
Marina Dzoughoutov Assoc. Professor Communication Studies
Carol Erting Provost/Chair Office of the Provost
Reed Gershwind Faculty Fellow Academic Affairs Budget
Paul Harrelson Faculty Representative  Dept. of Interpretation
Lillian Holt Executive Director  Office of the Provost
Gaurav Mathur Dean Graduate School
Kristin Mulrooney Assoc. Professor Linguistics
Edgar Palmer   Office of Diversity and Equity for Students
Earl Parks Executive Director Gallaudet Technology Services
Elice Nicole Patterson University Registrar Registrars Office
Caroline Pezzarossi Faculty Fellow Faculty Development
Lillian Ransom Faculty Fellow Office of the Provost
Charles Reilly Executive Director Research Support & International Affairs
Caroline Solomon Chair University Faculty Senate
Elizabeth Stone Ombudsman Office of the Ombuds