WEAVEonline at Gallaudet

Gallaudet is in the process of switching from a paper-based system for tracking and reporting assessment to WEAVEonline, an online assessment management system. The system will be used to manage our planning and assessment processes (i.e., Unit-Level Action Plans and Assessment of Student Learning).

Access WEAVEonline

Click the logo new WEAVEonline logo to access the system or type in the URL directly (http://app.weaveonline.com/gallaudet/login.aspx).
NOTE: You can bookmark the first page for direct access in the future.

If you need access to WEAVEonline ask your Department Chair to email the on-site WEAVEonline Administrator at weave@gallaudet.edu and request a username and password be assigned to you.


Using WEAVEonline

Per our license agreement with Centrieva, the company that created WEAVEonline, we are not permitted to post online any materials that contain identifying representations of the system (e.g., screenshots, names of buttons, lists of features, etc.)

Training materials are available in the Blackboard organization named Office of Academic Quality (OAQ) in the Documents section . All users who have access to WEAVEonline have been added to the Blackboard organization.