Faculty Professional Development Committee

Welcome to the Faculty Development Committee Website

(Please note: this is a different committee from the Office of Faculty Development.)
"This standing committee of five (5) shall have the following duties and responsibilities:
Review and recommend to the UF Senate policies regarding the orientation of new faculty members of the UF; Develop and recommend to the UF Senate guidelines for proposals for faculty development funding; Receive, review and recommend to the chief academic officer proposals submitted by members of the UF for funding;
Page 12 of the University Faculty
Provide an annual report to the UF on its activities including decisions on submitted individual proposals; and Provide a written quarterly report to the chief academic officer in the disbursement of Faculty Development funds. Bylaws of the University Faculty, Amended April 20, 2015, Gallaudet University"

Click on the following links to find information about:

  1. Committee members
  2. Professional development grants for faculty
  3. Criteria for grant application
  4. Submission and review process
  5. Travel reservation documentation and New Travel Form
  6. Applicants' responsibilities and follow-up report

Click on the following link for the complete Round 2 Grant Proposal Application:

  1. Round 2 Grants - For professional activities falling between February 15, 2017-August 30, 2017 (MS Word Document)