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Alternative Print Services

OSWD offers alternative print services for students, faculty and staff by reformatting printed materials such as textbooks, brochures, journals/magazines, memos/letters, etc., to the specifications of the requester. The definitions below are examples of the mechanisms involved in the process of providing alternative print services.

A system of writing and printing for the blind, in which varied arrangements of raised dots representing letters and numerals that are identified by touch. Documents or textbooks are typed and saved as files on a diskette using Word Perfect. The files when needed are pulled and then converted to Braille with the use of the Duxbury software. The Duxbury software is only compatible with Word Perfect software.

Audio recording
A method used to read printed materials by vocal means into an audio recorder utilizing audiocassette tapes.

Binding is used to complete Braille projects with plastic fasteners.

Image Enhancing
Textured images of enlarged pictures, charts, and maps are created on specialized papers through a raised line device.

Large print
Typed materials provided with enlarged print according to font size request.

Text or documents are converted into computer files with hardware that is similar to a photo copier. The method of scanning involves placing articles, textbooks, documents and other printed material faced down on the scanner. Scanning reduces the need of typing whenever applicable.

The Transfer of information from an audio recording is converted into printed materials.

Xeroxing (Photocopying)
Documents copies are made using photocopier.

You may request alternative services by going to the forms page and choosing the form for the service that you need.

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