B.S. in Physical Education and Recreation

Major Requirements

Summary of Requirements


General Studies


Pre-Major Courses


Major and Related Courses


Free Elective Courses




Requirements for a Major in Physical Education and Recreation

Required pre-major courses 10 hours

To be taken during the freshman or sophomore year:
PER 110 Wellness (3)
BIO 105 Human Biology (4)
PER 120 Foundations of Physical Education and Recreation (3)

Required physical education and recreation major courses 50 hours

BIO 203 Anatomy and Physiology for Human Service Majors (4)
PER 200 Leading Physical and Recreation Activities (3)
PER 201 Outdoor Experiential Learning (2)
PER 202 Fundamental Movement, Rhythms, and Gymnastics (2) 
PER 203 Concepts and Skills of Sports (2)
PER 204 Concepts and Skills of Physical Fitness (2)
PER 205 Concepts and Skills of Racket Sports (2)
PER 232 Motor Learning (3)
PER 341 Kinesiology (3)
PER 350 Event Planning and Management (3)
PER 368 Physiology of Exercise (3)
PER 386 Physical Education and Wellness in a School Environment (3)
PER 387 Athletic Coaching (3)
PER 400 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Recreation (3)
PER 410 Management of Physical Education and Recreation (3)
PER 440  Adapted Physical Education and Recreation (3)
PER 490 Physical Education and Recreation Capstone (3)
PER 491 Internship (3)

Required physical education and recreation major elective course 1-3 hours

Choose one course:
PER 223 Water Activities (1),
PER 235 Lifeguard Training (3), or 
PER 238 Methods of Water Safety Instruction (3)

Free elective courses 17-19 hours

Students choose courses offered by the Department of Physical Education and Recreation or by other academic departments in consultation with their major advisors.  Some recommended courses include:
BUS 101 Introduction to Business (3)
COM 280 Group Discussion (3)
COM 290 Public Presentations (3)
EDU 250 Introduction to Education (3)
PER 125 Map and Compass (3)
PER 190 Learning Through Discovery (3)
PER 235 Lifeguard Training (3)
PER 238 Methods of Water Safety Instruction (3)
PER 250 Sport Safety Training (3)
PER 310 Leadership and Group Dynamics (3)
PER 345 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
PER 353 Rhythmic Forms and Analysis (2)
PER 356 Methods and Techniques of Teaching Dance in Elementary and Secondary Schools (3)
PER 383 Intramurals and Officiating (3)
PER 415 History and Philosophy of Dance (3)
PER 420 Law and Liability in Recreation and Sports (3)
PER 425 Choreography (3)
PER 486 Teaching Physical Education and Wellness in Secondary Schools (3)
PER 495 Special Topics (3)
PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology (3)
SWK 318 Human Diversity (3)

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