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PPTF- Draft Criteria
Gallaudet University: Proposed Program Prioritization
Criteria Matrix [1]:
2/5/10-Academic Affairs

Current Request
Please review the attached draft document and provide the Program Prioritization Task Force with your comments. The PPTF recognizes that there is a great diversity of programs that constitute Gallaudet University. Our goal is to establish indicators that will provide a systematic and equitable evaluation of all programs. The PPTF would like to know:

  • Are these valid indicators of the suggested criteria based on the University Goals, Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles?
  • Have we missed additional criteria or indicators that may be more appropriate in relation to Gallaudet's Goals, Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles?
  • What alternative indicators would be more appropriate?
  • What data is likely to be unavailable or too difficult to obtain before the end of April

Please send your comments on this document in an email to Program.Prioritization@gallaudet.edu by February 22, 2010. The PPTF will evaluate these comments and use them to develop and finalize the data instrument for use by individual programs during March, 2010. Please keep your comments brief. Thank you in advance for your valued participation.

The Task Force
The Program Prioritization Task Force (PPTF) was formed for the purpose of developing a process for reviewing and assessing its academic programs to identify and refine a core set of undergraduate and graduate programs that will leverage the University's many strengths and best position students for career success. Program prioritization is a key part of a process of identifying areas of programming for strategic investment and identifying areas to de-emphasize As part of the program prioritization process, criteria have been developed to assist in assessing the extent to which programs are achieving university goals. The goals used to develop the criteria are the Gallaudet Strategic Plan goals, along with the Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles. Indicators have been outlined that will allow each program to respond to the criterion and will be used to establish priorities. The PPTF does not make final decisions. The PPTF is an advisory group that can recommend the following actions for programs: 1) growth; 2) restructuring; 3) merging; or 4) discontinuation.

The Charge to the Program Prioritization Task Force (PPTF)

  • Identify all academic programs within Academic Affairs.
  • Based on common practice in higher education, finalize common criteria by which each program will be examined for recommending growth, restructuring, merging, or discontinuing
  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data from various sources such as departments and institutional research, which could support recommendations.
  • Review data based on the criteria developed by the committee
  • Make recommendations for each program to the provost and the president
  • Develop standards and recommend a structure for program viability and set baseline metrics that would trigger review and an action plan for growth.
  • Create a process for analyzing the viability and cost/benefit of new programs targeted at previously-untapped markets, particularly high-growth professions, deaf-service professions, and/or those that utilize acute visual, spatial, and kinesthetic aptitudes.

Important Information

  • Programs will be asked to provide PP evidence in a template that is being developed.
  • Each criterion area will eventually be assessed and scored using a scoring and weighting system that will be developed over the next few months. Various scoring and weighting methods are available and are being investigated.
  • The Task Force recognizes that imbalances may exist between program data and the data of the quantitative indicators that will be supplied by the Office of Institutional Research. Programs will have the opportunity to dispute inconsistencies in data provided by the University.
  • The goal of the effort is to help facilitate the University becoming a mission driven institution that allocates resources to achieve strategic goals.

[1] The draft GU Program Prioritization Matrix has been adapted from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona's Prioritization and Recovery Criteria Matrix

Click to see larger images [Items 1-5 or Items 6-10]

PPTF Criteria Matrix [DRAFT], Items 1-5

PPTF Criteria Matrix [DRAFT], Items 6-10

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